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BeoPlay S8 2.1 Sound System - 2nd Generation - MusicTeck

BeoPlay S8 2.1 Sound System - 2nd Generation

$ 1,399.00

About Beoplay S8

Meet the new S8 from B&O PLAY. We've combined award-winning design with powerful acoustic performance to shape a speaker that instantly enhances any home audio setup. Connect it with any streaming device, Beoplay V1, or any Bang & Olufsen television - and bring some serious sound to your listening experiences. Whatever the set-up, the S8 is crafted to fit seamlessly into your life. 

The S8 setup offers a variety of placement options, making it flexible enough to fit any home. Two satellite speakers can be hung on the wall or positioned with table stands, while the subwoofer has been specifically designed to sound amazing no matter where you choose to put it. Simply adjust the sound adaption switch to match the position, stand back, and listen as the device adjusts to give you optimal bass in any place. 

Don't let the S8 cube's slim and sleek dimensions fool you: the insides of this subtle speaker were crafted with serious sound in mind. The design's shape actually creates a tension that accentuates the power of its sound. Hand-tuned and refined by the Bang & Olufsen acoustics department, the result is their Signature Sound: honest, clean, and made to move you the way the artist intended it.

2nd Genration

With the 2nd generation of BeoPlay S8 it is now possible to connect a TV via optical cable (Toslink) and let the TV sound come to life in your living room. B&O TVs are connected via powerlink. No extra remote needed! The TV is connected to BeoPlay S8 via what we call the "Connection hub". Use the remote control from your TV to adjust the volume on BeoPlay S8, as the IR commands from the remote control are learned by the BeoPlay S8 Connection Hub.

Learning from B&O remotes are not supported as the B&O TV volume is adjusted through the powerlink and not via the connection hub. The S8 Connection hub is an inbox item in BeoPlay S8 2nd generation. The 2nd generation of BeoPlay S8 enables connection of up to 3 audio sources via the Connection Hub. So now you can connect both a TV and another audio source (e.g. an AirPort Express) at the same time. The S8 Connection Hub automatically changes to the audio source that plays last. So if music is played from one audio source and then the TV is turned on, the Connection Hub changes to the TV sound. Easy as that!

The connection hub is fully compatible with BeoPlay S8 1st generation Current owners of BeoPlay S8 1st generation can also enjoy the new features that the Connection hub brings, as the Connection hub can be purchased individually as an accessory item.


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