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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+
FIR Audio Frontier Series: Xenon 6 - MusicTeck

FIR Audio Frontier Series: Xenon 6 

A full-range IEM that brings the scale and grandeur of a natural setting back to any recording. One for the purist who relishes each sound in its most natural, dynamic state. 

It features a stainless-steel shell, a sapphire crystal glass faceplate, equipped with 4 balanced armature drivers, a 10mm dynamic driver for lows, fed into a Kinetic Bass port. Tied together by an electrostatic driver that elevates the track’s finer details. Lifelike resolution, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

Along with the rest of the Frontier Series, the Xenon 6 comes in Universal-Fit and Custom-Fit models.

1x 10mm Kinetic Bass Dynamic Driver
1x OpenDriver Balanced Armature Driver for bass
2x OpenDriver Balanced Armature Driver for mids
1x OpenDriver Balanced Armature Driver for highs (with Sound Reflector)
1x OpenDriver Electrostatic Driver for ultra highs

Machined Stainless Steel Shells (UIEM)
Sapphire Glass Faceplates (UIEM)
ATOM XS Interchangeable Modules (UIEM)
Leather Protective Case (Audiophiles)
Free Custom Artwork & Premium Faceplates (CIEM)
Internal ATOM and ATOM X Modules (CIEM)
Aluminum Protective Case (Musicians)


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love my listening sessions with XE6

First things first. Thank you Andrew and Grace for the awesome customer service, as always.

I previously tried the KR5 and very much enjoyed it, and based on that experience I stepped up to the XE6 and have no regrets.

I have waited a few months to post my thoughts because I found the XE6 was improving with age. I have 150ish hours on it now and it seems settled in.

The Atom modules are a pain to remove and install, only because of their tiny size. My experience was I cycled through them once over the first few days after I first received the IEM, and settled on the gold module to start.
As the XE6 aged I eventually changed to silver, then to black, and I’m pretty confident I’ll stay with this configuration now. Point being, most of us will find our preferred module and not have to mess with them further.

For an in ear, the XE6 bass is the closest I have experienced to sounding like true subwoofer bass. EE EVO has more mid bass impact, but XE6 has better deep down rumble.

Mids, vocals and highs are clear and detailed and synergize well with the bass presentation.

The stock cable is decent, not great. I have cable rolled a few different cables and find I have a preference for either PW Stormbreaker, or First Times with XE6.

Pichit C.

Great product. Great service from Andrew. Very helpful.

Incredible IEM

The Fir XE6 is an awesome IEM. Like many other users, I was overwhelmed by the bass at first, but grew to love it once I became accustomed to the sound signature. I'd consider the XE6 a fun IEM but loaded with resolution and an impressive soundstage. The low end is genuinely incredible and I would encourage anyone interested to definitely give them a listen!

sound that combines warmth with great resolution

the resolution, sound field, three-dimensionality, delicacy, and sound quality etc... are all wonderful.
above all, the very elegant bass is attractive. this is a sound that cannot be produced with other earphones. plz listen to it once.


A very warm sounding IEM with the best dynamics I have heard. The kinetic bass is bringing something entirely new to the game. Would not recommend this IEM if you want crystal clear upper mids or female vocals, it is warm and rich. Overall it’s a joy to listen to.