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SendyAudio Aiva Black Beauty Series 97*76mm Planar Magnetic Headphones

SendyAudio Aiva Black Beauty Series 97*76mm Planar Magnetic Headphones

$ 479.00 $ 599.00

In The Box
1, Aiva Headphone
2, Headphone Hard Leather Carry Case
3, Headphone Balanced Cable with 4.4mm Plug
4, 4.4mm Female to 3.5mm (SE) Male Pigtail Adaptor


SendyAudio Aiva Black Beauty Series 97*76mm Planar Magnetic Headphones Traditionally Handcrafted

Aiva is equipped with a 97*76mm ultra-nano composite planar magnetic diaphragm unit as its transducer. Combined with the superior sound characteristics of the zebra wood housing, the overall direction of its sound signature is one that is very comprehensive, exhibiting natural coherence across the frequencies with airiness, detailed with distinct layers of clarity and transparency.

  • Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
  • Driver Size: 97*76mm
  • FrequencyåÊResponse•__20-40KhzåÊ
  • Sensitivity: 96db
  • Impedance: 32ë©
  • Weight: 420g

SENDYAUDIO was founded in 2015 by a group of highly seasoned audio engineers, hardened by years of experience as audio pioneers since the beginning of the audio industry in China. The Black Beauty series is SENDYAUDIO‰۪s new lineup for 2019, being the culmination of three years of extensive research and development. We use traditional, meticulous craftsmanship to bring out the best in specially selected high-quality natural solid wood as the headphones‰۪ housing, with a unique texture specific to each unit. Each headphone is produced only after a long and involved production process ‰ÛÒ from selecting the best wood specimens, to CNC machining, to engraving, grinding, and polishing, as well as repeated oiling and drying.


In The Box:

1, Aiva Headphone

2, Headphone Hard Leather Carry Case

3, Headphone Balanced Cable with 4.4mm Plug

4, 4.4mm Female to 3.5mm (SE) Male Pigtail AdaptoråÊåÊ

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
One of the best under $1000

I've had my Aiva for a few months now and in that time they've become one of my all time favorite headphones.

The detail and clarity is top notch with some of the best treble I've heard from a headphone. Bass it slightly above neutral with good impact and depth which make them good for today's popular music and edm. The mids are clean and very detailed and they are a little recessed but not so much so that they sound distant.

When it comes to the soundstage the Aiva has one small drawback and that is they don't portray a lot of width. I don't think is as narrow as many say but it is on the smaller side. The depth makes up for some of the widths short comings and they also portray height very well to. Imaging is good but not great and the instrument separation is pretty good as well.

Build quality and comfort are also top notch and not indicative of a $600 but more so a $1000 plus headphone. The cable is very good even though it's jack isn't a standard size being 4.4mm balanced but they give you a nice 3.5mm adapter. For a heavier headphone the Aiva is really quite comfortable and I'm able to wear them for long periods of time.

All in all the Aiva is a wonderful headphone and even though they cost $600 they're a steal because of the quality of headphone you're getting.

Must. Buy.

Watch the reviews then buy them. Or if you are smart just buy them and save yourself the review time. These sound incredible. 600 bucks?? Really? These are insane. Been listening to Audrey Assad on them, wow.

God tier Chi-fi

These are incredible headphones. I've owned quite a few planar over ear headphones in many price ranges and these are my favorite. The tonality sounds like it should. I feel like I'm hearing actual instruments at a concert or recording studio and not someone's take on how it should sound. The bass is controlled but has excellent slam. The treble is extended and airy with nice sparkle. Fit and finish is incredible. I feel like I'm wearing and listening to a much more expensive headphone. These are a steal at $599.

Spectacular headphones

I ordered this pair of headphones and boy, listening to them is a peace of joy. The build quality is awesome. Sound quality bests my HD 660S by miles in ever area. To maximize the sound quality, you'd need to use the 4.4mm balanced output on your dap. I have been feeding this bad boy with my R6 Pro, FiiO x7 mark ii, and Sony nw-wm1a. The detail on these headphones is breathtaking. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to enjoy the best music has to offer.

Fantastic Headphones

Only complaints are that the included 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter loses the left channel if it comes just a hair loose. Also, apparently I have a smaller head than most, because the smallest position for the headband is just too big for them to stay comfortable for extended periods. Hopefully my head will grow some more so I can leave these on all day without them becoming uncomfortable after several hours.

As far as sound quality goes, these have more detail than anything I have heard to date, and have replaced my Sennheiser HD660s as my go to headphone for just about everything. Good bass extension. Overall lived up to the hype from Zeos Pantera's review and those others in his community that purchased them before me.

Running them primarily off my Massdrop THX AAA 789 but they are very easy to drive, so they work great on my LG V35, as well as my Micca Origen G2 which is just USB powered.

The case is fantastic as it lets me take them on the road with me to listen to in the evenings after work. The butt memes never end, but it is very nice for me that it is as compact as it is.

I find every opportunity I can to show these off!

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