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SendyAudio Aiva Headphone Replaceable Earpad (One Pair) - New Version

SendyAudio Aiva Headphone Replaceable Earpad (One Pair) - New Version

$ 29.00

SendyAudio Aiva Headphone Replaceable Earpad

SendyAudio Aiva Earpad


Customer Reviews

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Makes The Aiva sound even better

After putting these new pads on my Sendy Aiva Headphones, I was surprized how much better they sound. The low end is much better, I noticed a much clearer high end and better separation. The sound stage also improved. I was shocked at how much I liked these phones better with just $29 pads. I think you will enjoy the Aiva even more with these pads like I did.

Fellow Canadians!! Feel safe buying these pads or anything from this store!! Great & Fast Service!!

I own the Monoprice Monolith M570 & was referred by a video from Zeos the audio reviewer YouTube dude! He mentioned that these pads would fit as the M570's are clones of the Sendy Aiva's. They make my headphones so much more comfortable!!!! The stock pads are nice but too damn mushy!!! These pads hold their shape and fit snug!

Thank you Musicteck for the super fast service. I know I paid for the shipping to Canada 🍁 But I ordered them really early Tuesday morning and you had them out that same day and the following day they were in my hands! That's Wicked Awesome...... So thanks for that!!!

So to my fellow Canucks...... If you are living in the great white north, but were worried about ordering from these guys......... PLEASE DON'T WORRY!!!!! Just order and relax, as these guys are pros!!!!

Heavenly pillows for the ear

excellent ear pads I would buy again.

Love these pads

I love the feel of the stock pads, the original ones are still very good condition, just bought a new pair as spare.

Great alternative earpads

These new improved ear pads are a super great fit for Monolith M570 headphones. They sound a little bit different than the original earpads giving off slightly more treble to the highs. The bass and midrange frequencies remains the same. They are great fit for longer listening sessions. They are easy to install and look
like they could be the original earpads. I am very pleased with this purchase.

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