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Cayin C9: Dual Nutube, Fully discrete Fully Balanced Class A/AB Portable Headphone Amplifier - MusicTeck

Cayin C9: Dual Nutube, Fully discrete Fully Balanced Class A/AB Portable Headphone Amplifier

$ 1,999.00

Cayin C9: Dual Nutube, Fully discrete Fully Balanced Class A/AB Portable Headphone Amplifier

  • Fully balanced, fully discrete, 4-channels high-fidelity headphone amplifier delivers up to 4,100mW (at 16Ω) or 2600mW (at 32Ω) per channel.
  • Select between Vacuum Tube and Solid State timber on both balanced and single-end inputs.
  • The tube timber circuit is designed around a pair of KORG Nutube vacuum tubes.
  • Switch between Pure Class A and Class AB amplification modes.
  • Dual input mode: regular LINE input mode and PRE-amp input mode (or known as pure power amplifier mode).
  • Supports 3.5mm SE and 4.4mm BAL for both input and output, the amplifier will also optimize BAL to SE or vice versa.
  • 4-channels ALPS potentiometer with a pair of stereo electronic volume.
  • Removable battery module with 4x user replaceable Sony18650 rechargeable lithium batteries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cayin C9. The one product you must get

The Cayin C9 amp is probably my most important purchase. It makes everything it touches sound better and it touches everything. If you are into high end audiophile sound, this product can make all of your IEMs and headphones sound better in a transportable device. My favorite use of it is for the tube timbre to really give my IEMs that deep and rich tube sound that I can't get with my full sized tube amp due to the impedance mismatch. Well done Cayin.

What a gem!

The C9 will satisfy the needs of just about anyone, regardless of source or phones that are used with it. Powerful enough for any headphone, and with 4 different sound signatures, it lifts any music source, and headphone or iem, to the next level. The pre-amp feature is unique with an amplifier this size, and adds to the C9's versatility. It is well built, has a low noise floor, and has a beautifully balanced sound. I would not hesitate to recommend this amplifier.

Elevates everything

Best gear investment I have ever made.

THIS is why I love Cayin, squeezes EVERY last drop out of your gears

This amplifier can serve both flagship efficient headphones and flagship iems, and serves as the first desktop grade transportable/portable gear stack I have used. The four amplification modes and the ability for it to connect with different sources allow for a large amount of possibilities. This amplifier allows you to extract every last drop from gear such as HER10P to Oriolus Traillii. I high recommend this gear as it can greatly simplify your setup but can also be taken with you. This represents all of Cayin's expertise in amplifier design and it shows.

In summary, If DMP Z1 is too rich for your blood but you wanted to experience the summit, try C9. This will leave a lasting impression.

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