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    Effect Audio ARES II (8 Wire braid) Upgrade Cable (2Pin - CIEM Connector) - MusicTeck

    Effect Audio ARES II (8 Wire braid)

    $ 270.00

    Effect Audio ARES II (8 Wire braid) Upgrade Cable

    "Ares II - 8 wire" is a simplified "Bespoke" configuration from Effect Audio. 

    All 'Bespoke' crafts are undertaken with absolute care by Effect Audio's Founder , Zou Suyang from materials selection to building and craft as well as final stringent quality control tests. "Bespoke" cables represents the finest works from Effect Audio lab.

    The "Ares II" in 8 wire configuration builds upon the 4 wire successes and elevating it to a grander scale. Instruments separations, vocal viscosity, sound scape are all greatly enhanced. With the "EA Ultraflexi Insulation", the 8 wires remains as ergonomic and as pliable as the 4 wires. 

    - 26 AWG , 8 wires
    - Multi Sized Stranding 
    - Ultra High Strand Counts
    - Ultra Purity OCC Pure Copper
    - EA UltraFlexi Insulation

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Ronald H.
    It’s a bespoke Ares 2

    This is a fantastic cable. It will bring out the best in good iems. It’s just that simple. Get one.

    Claud R.W.
    Good vendor with good selection.

    Pay for the express shipping. The free shipping is worth what you paid for. A great place to go IEM shopping

    Jason C.
    Effects Audio ARES II

    Ordered Thanksgiving day and received this beautifully made cable from MusicTeck Monday. Aside from superb construction, the cable created a fuller sound with improved layering over the EA Eros II. I have had no problem with this thicker cable, it's actually more tangle resistant. Make my EE Zeus sound more like my full size Focal Utopia. Well worth the price.

    Audio R.H.
    Nice upgrade cable

    The ergonomics are superb considering when you look at the cable it looks like a substantial piece of copper. Excellent sound quality and craftsmanship.

    Max H.
    Ares II 8 Wire

    Raised the performance of the Empire Ears Phamtom iems to a new level.even more detail retrieval with a larger soundstage - in all dimensions. Bri ga mids a little closer for slightly better vocals and too end air is increased. Top end cable for a nice Price. Great job EA

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