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    Effect Audio Cleopatra

    Effect Audio Cleopatra

    $ 799.00

    Effect Audio Cleopatra

    Through the coalescing of the proven successful hallmark designs of Effect Audio, the Cleopatra was born. A truly defining moment of Pure Silver cables and breaking down the previous predisposed walls of what silver cables can achieve in our audio chain.

    • 26 AWG
    • Selected UP-OCC Pure Silver
    • Golden Ratio Dispersion Multi-Sized Stranded
    • Woven Kevlar infused Septuplet Core Bundle Litz
    • Individually Enameled Strands
    • Superior PSquared / P-EA plugs
    • EA UltraFlexi Jacket

    Cleopatra̴ is the unification of every hallmark design that is accredited at Effect Audio, implemented unto a Pure Silver catalyst. The result is a one-of-a-kind Silver cable that manifests superb solvency and incredible audiophile technicalities that embodies the named character Cleopatra

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Truly Excellent cable

    I compared this cable to leaser (Penon mix) and way greater (PW Audio 1960a cables), and this Cleopatra cable matched my Audio64 U12T best, giving spectacular clarity and stage. The PW 1960s had a more mids and bass "glow", which I didn't need. The Cleopatra had a great evenness and clean bass.

    David S.
    Excellent Audio Cable

    Have tried a few different cables to make my audiophile DAC and IEM's sound their very best. The Audio Effect Cleopatra surpassed any expectations from the beginning. The frequency responses were clear and crisp without being over bearing. The depth of field or sound stage is better than any other cable previously used. It must be stated that the Cleopatra's were most expensive cables purchased, but this cable is worth the cost.

    Zhiyuan X.

    Effect Audio Cleopatra

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