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    Effect Audio Horus

    Effect Audio Horus

    $ 1,699.00

    Effect Audio HORUS Upgrade Cable̴Ì_

    "Horus" is the culmination of Effect Audio's entirety of experience in Cable Crafts. It is one of the finest works from Effect Audio. Pushing the extremities and limitations of cable design works, "Horus" was developed for the most discerning audiophile ears and is a perfect fit for professionals alike. It is in a class of it's own - "Horus"; A devout atelier's masterpiece spawned out of the need for perfection and redefined new standards for the best of it's class.

    - 26 AWG
    - Multi Sized Stranding
    - Ultra High Strand Counts
    - Ultra Purity OCC Gold Plated Silver
    - PSquared Connector Collaboration with Oyaide
    - EA Ferrite Guard Technology
    - EA UltraFlexi Insulation

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Hyungjae Y.

    Effect Audio Horus

    Zhiyuan X.

    Effect Audio Horus

    Absolutely Excellent

    I've always been a believer in the ability for wires to impact sound quality. I first replaced my 64 Audio Tia Trio base cables with a pair of Moon Audio Silver Dragons and the sound stage and instrument separation was immediately increased by about 10-15% in my personal view. I could hear notes and sounds that I had previously missed. I never really considered spending nearly half the cost of my IEMs on cables previous to that experience but I'm glad I did. I would say the sound of the Horus improved by another 5-10% over the silver dragons--again more separation, slightly wider soundstage and actually a little warmer which I didn't think I would like but honestly it was just a touch and was perfect for me. Is that worth the cost? Well--if your able to drop $2-3K on a set of IEM's your obviously looking for the best sound experience you can achieve. Cables will give you that--and much like you choice of DAP will expand and refine your listening experience. The Horus is great for someone who, like me, lives in the detail and enjoys a deep soundstage and tight but full bass. A great purchase!

    minwoo d.
    best cable!

    expands the soundstage and excellent workmanship

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