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Effect Audio - King Arthur Limited Edition

Effect Audio - King Arthur Limited Edition

$ 6,888.00

King Arthur

The pursuit of an extraordinary experience - the essence of HiFi & Luxury lifestyle combined. The IEM package encompasses some of the most extravagant materials & design packed with the most cutting edge technology available. 


Micro Precision 3D printed Acrylic shell

- Ergonomics // (Fitting, Study of ear anatomy 'Concha')
- Experience //  (Natural, Organic) 
- Resonance // (Achieve the most accurate resonant sound)
- EA Patented Convertible Clutch (CC) Mechanism


    16 Precision Balanced Armature Drivers

    2 Low, 7 Mid, 7 High
    Advance Integrated  9-Way Crossover 
    FR: 10Hz-40kHz
    Impedance: 10 Ω @ 1kHz 


    EA wanted to develop an IEM that not only you can listen to, but you feel and thoroughly engages you and your emotions. Yet, at the same time, we wanted to make sure that every single frequency range is highly accurate in both sound and timbre. That is why we customised the drivers to fit our varied specifications and applied an advanced crossover system which allows us full control over the drivers & frequency load.


    Back to the EA (CC) Mechanism, the very reason why we need a very precise clutch mechanism is that we've incorporated a groundbreaking modular faceplates system. It allows users to swap our various faceplates design to realise your personal style. The Vivid Acrylic is on default. We've included 4 different premium materials within the package as well namely: "Elegant Rosewood", "Classic Carbon Fibre", "Textured Leather" and "Metallics". In the future, we will launch new luxury faceplates along with these elements for users to upgrade into. 


    'Caliburn' has been tuned to the apex synergy with King Arthur. Delivering clean, high fidelity and enriching tonality, the 'Caliburn' increases the base performance of the King Arthur by a significant realm - entering the HiFi segment. This dream pairing allows you to savour the entirety and subtleties of the music, elevating your experience to the utmost realism, putting you right in the centre of a live performance

    Rare UPOCC |Gold Plated Silver & Gold Silver Alloy| + |Gold Plated Silver & Pure Silver| 
    Individually Enamelled Strands
    Septuple Core, Multi-Bundled Litz
    EA Ultra Flexi Insulation
    KA Designer Y-Split

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