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    Effect Audio Leonidas II + Cleopatra (8W) - MusicTeck

    Effect Audio Leonidas II + Cleopatra (8W)

    $ 1,688.00

    Leonidas II + Cleopatra
    This cable configuration incorporates the essence of Leonidas II and Cleopatra’s astounding sound projection. They collaborate naturally with each other, expressing the stable mid and high, producing a smooth, fine and vibrant sound experience. If you like textured, spacious and strong airy sound, this bespoke is definitely a yes for you.
    - 26 AWG
    - 8 Wires
    - High-quality “Pentaconn" EA 4.4mm jack
    - Psquared 2.5 - 3.5mm jack
    Effect Audio Horus + Leonidas II (8W) - MusicTeck

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    What a cable!

    With the first listen I was impressed with the pinpoint accuracy of the instrument placement, and this cable's ability to make the timbre of music so natural without losing any detail across the entire spectrum. It's special! Costly, but special!

    Silver at its best!

    This cable has all the traits of an amazing silver cable (clean, controlled bass, transparent mids, sparkly treble) and adds in a touch of wamrth and smoothness for a truly impressive sound. Ergonomics are first rate and the cable is a site to behold. Highly impressed with this cable in every regard. And as always, MusicTeck's service is the best in the business!

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