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    Effect Audio LEONIDAS II (2Pin - CIEM Connector) - MusicTeck

    Effect Audio Leonidas II

    $ 999.00

    Effect Audio LEONIDAS II

    "Leonidas" II is the primed successor of the reputed and accredited "Leonidas". Drawing upon Effect Audio's R&D expertise and with groundbreaking contemporary materials, including an industry-first Palladium application onto cables, we broke through the industry's plateau and actualized the perfect iteration of Leonidas in the "Leonidas II", bringing about a truly unique melodious experience.

    - 26 AWG
    - Selected UP-OCC
    - Golden Ratio Palladium Plated Silver & Litz Silver Hybrid
    - Septuplet Core Bundle Litz
    - Individually Enameled Strands
    - Superior PSquared / P-EA Plugs
    - EA Ultra-Flex Jacket
    - All New Modular Y-Split Design
    - Premium Selects Burnished Case

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Carl T.
    Drastic improvement to MEST

    This cable made a drastic [to me] difference in the performance of my MEST IEM's. It is night and day difference. The MEST now delivers incredibly smooth sound across the range, it makes me a bit angry that I waited so long to try using a super-high-end cable. I have been missing out, and this is how I always wanted my music to sound. The cable just turns the music into smooth butter with zero background noise and ultra smooth, flawless delivery regardless of genre. I was staggered actually. Yes it is a bit expensive, but it was well worth it and my only regret is that I did not get this cable sooner. People who attempt to say that cable's don't make a great difference obviously have no clue what they are talking about, or, perhaps they just have not tried 'this' cable. Could be that 'this' cable is just simply heads above everything else on earth. I won't know, because this is the first---and last---cable I think I will ever need or want.

    tianyu w.
    Leonidas II

    Unexpected surprise!

    Amazing coherency and detail retrieval. Deep, layered bass. Trans-formative.

    When I bought this cable with the MEST, I wanted to see what it could do on it's own, so I put it on my Valkyries customs and my RHA CL2. Both IEM's were transformed and elevated magically into something better. This cable makes my Eros II seem like a blunt instrument. Using the Leonidas II on my MEST and SR-25, and it sounds perfect. The Leo and MEST are showing the limits of the SR-25, and I am just today actually, buying an A&K sp1000M in order to bring out the full potential of this cable. The only "negative" thing is now I am thinking of upgrading to the Horus!

    Leonidas ll

    Many audiophile reviewers have glowingly opined about the elegant aesthetic and sonic qualities of this cable. To my ear, this cable has lived up to those glowing reviews. The pairing of the Leonidas ll (4.4), WM1A and StageDiver SD5 has imbued my music with such clarity, depth and a holistic refinement in the performance in the SD5. Its the most emotive listening experience of all my pairings and I absolutely love it. Thanks to Andrew at MusicTeck for his responsiveness and wonderful customer service.

    Max H.
    Leonidas II

    Brings every TOTL iem to new heights. Deeper, more textured bass with slight warmth to the mids and crystalline clean highs. Soundstage is holographic.

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