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HiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player with Dual DAC

HiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player with Dual DAC

$ 199.00

HiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player, the little player that will do it all with Mastery

Ultraportable Touchscreen Hi-Fi Network Music Player
Dual CS43131, Bluetooth 5.0, 5G Wi-Fi, HiByOS, HiByLink, UAT, MSEB, MQA, Two-way LDAC, Native hardware DSD256, Custom themes, Web radio
Dual CS43131—the stuff of flagships
As part of Cirrus Logic's line of MasterHiFi™ hi-fidelity DAC chips, the CS43131 boasts native DSD256 decoding, PCM playback at up to 32bit / 384kHz, and a built-in hi-res headphone amplifier, for lower power consumption and better audio quality.
Dual crystal oscillators, high performance FPGA chip onboard
Independent 22.5792MHz and 24.576MHz crystal oscillators supply correct time base signals to x44.1 and x48 sample rate music data respectively, reducing jitter, increasing accuracy of digital music reProduction and reducing the effect of phase noise on sound quality.
Smallest and Lightest Tidal/Qobuz Online Music Library Player
The R3 Pro can be connected to the Tidal and Qobuz ONLINE music library via Wi-Fi, a genuine wireless experience. Many more digital media will make use of API which is supported R3 Pro to expand music sharing with other music apps (more streaming services may come).
Expansion options beyond your imagination
The music player that can be used for EVERYTHING!
Digital source
Bluetooth receiver
Audio receiver (USB DAC)
Bluetooth transmitter
WiFi music receiver
Master Quality Authenticated
MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated - an audio technology that makes original Hi-Res audio becomes reality. R3 Pro can guarantees the purest sound quality with MQA. With latest firmware update will enable the HiBy R3 Pro to have MQA compatibility.
Two-way UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission)
UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission) is an all-new Bluetooth audio codec developed in-house at HiBy.
Supporting an industry-highest sample rate of 192kHz at an industry-highest data bandwidth of 1.2Mbps, it can even adapt and optimize itself to different music genres.
MSEB tuner
Straightforward and easy to use, everyone can be a tuning expert. MSEB is a combination of multiple algorithms based on parametric equalizer (PEQ) and sound field adjustments to attune to your preferences.
Bluetooth 5.0
Supporting al hi-res Bluetooth formats: UAT, LDAC, aptX, AAC, SBC
Ever-evolving new software capabilities
Custom themes improving your music experience's visual quality.
Official open theming tool allows creating your own theme in a few simple steps! R3 Pro also features web radio and pedometer.
Limitless wireless possibilities
2.4G+5G WiFi support - WiFi song transfer, now faster than ever! Supporting al hi-res Bluetooth formats: UAT, LDAC, aptX, AAC, SBC.

HiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DACHiBy R3 Pro Portable Music Player With Dual DAC

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Sounding DAP at a great price!

I own the HiBy R3 and enjoy using it. But after reading several reviews about how the HiBy R3 Pro is improved over the R3, I decided to purchase. While the devices are similar in many ways, the R3 Pro does indeed have improved sound, especially with the bass. It is now my go-to DAP.

A solid update to an already great player

I really like this player! I have the standard R3 as well and both are great. The newer one just sounds more balanced with better detail. The bass is more controlled and has better punch. The extra power suits my full sized Sennheiser HD579's well with the 2.5mm balanced out. It sounds great connected to my car as well.

The magesound magic 8ball tuning is awesome! No other player gives you the flexibility to tailor the sound to this level except for other Hiby players. Want a fat, bassy sound? You can get it. Want a neutral balanced sound? Ok. It's the best! I can get any sound I like and store it in presets for recall later. I built a preset for each pair of iems and headphones I own.

It feels premium and well built with its aluminum and glass construction. Having physical volume and fast forward/rewind buttons means you can make adjustments without waking up the screen and fiddling with the touch screen.

The Hiby Link feature is great! I use my phone's Kindle app to read and listen to music on my DAP while I read. I can control the R3 pro using my phone via bluetooth.

I recommend you take advantage of its wi-fi connection and do an over the air firmware update first thing.

You will need a micro-sd card for storage. I installed a 256 gig Samsung card and it searched and updated its database in just a couple minutes.... 8,000 songs all in flac.

I haven't tried the blutooth yet, but I look forward to getting some LDAC phones to try hi-res streaming.

I am not a huge fan of streaming music, but I am really impressed with the quality from Tidal online. I set up the free trial and its good! Sounds like a wired connection!

Overall, I am very pleased and might buy one more to leave in my car! I also recommend the leather case. It's nice.

Hope this helps you make a decision. I whole heartedly recommend this player and some of my friends now have one after hearing mine. Musicteck is good to deal with.... good seller.

Thanks for reading!

Portable Swiss Army Knife DAP

This DAP is a true jack of all trades. I have been using it as a stand-alone player, bluetooth streamer and digital transport with the USB-C to coax out cable (not included).
Single ended and balanced both sound good, but I prefer the balanced due to greater power output. Balanced output sounds fantastic and the dual DACs are clear and neutral, with no extra weight to either end of the frequency response. No hiss or noise-floor with sensitive BA IEMs whatsoever from either output.

Usability is great, no bugs or issues with any of the device features that I have experienced so far. Wifi connection is decently strong. The only time when the device was struggling/lagging was with a slower internet connection and attempting to stream Tidal MQA. Other than that, Tidal works relatively seamlessly and so does local file storage browsing and listening, even with a large 400GB SD card. The database update does take quite a while, but boot-up is quick if you turn on manual update. Also, no issues with LDAC bluetooth connection from my phone (Oneplus 5t) even for during longer listening periods and on-the-go. Battery life has been as advertised, although streaming with WiFi takes the biggest hit, which is why I prefer to use bluetooth for streaming. For the price, I find this DAP hard to beat in terms of usability, functionality and, most importantly, sound. In fact, for IEM usage I prefer the R3Pro to the R5 (which is also a great DAP), due to the ultra-portability and not having Android, which helps extend battery life.

Performance way beyond its price point

Audio quality, output power, I/O options, fantastic UI, snappy UI performance, MSEB, WiFi and Bluetoith enabled, and a price point that belies its extraordinary performance and versatility.

Excellent little player!

This is an excellent little player! From a sound, functionality, and build quality soundpoint I cannot recommend anything else in this price range. It can easily drive the BGVP DMG iems, the more power hungry BQEYZ Spring 1 iem, and the Massdrop Sennheiser 58x headphones through the single ended 3.5mm output. I have yet to receive my balancee cables, so I cannot comment yet on the 2.5mm jack except to say it will output much more power! Battery life seems to be very good also, somewhere well above 12 hours with Bluetooth for hiby link and single ended output.

Using LDAC and LHDC (HWA) from my phone (Pixel 2 XL) to the R3 Pro was flawless and had a marked improvement in Bluetooth audio quality.

The only knock against it would be in its ability to read files... It is a bit finnicky when it comes to special characters in the file name AND the id3 tags. If you have amassed a large collection of music files over the years, be prepared to download "Bulk Rename Utility" or similar program to remove the special characters! If Hiby reads this, please fix the issue with special characters in file tags and names... It's incredibly difficult to find a single special character embedded in an id3 tag in a large mass of files.

I would definitely recommend this little music player!

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