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HiBy R5 Hi-Res Portable Music Player - MusicTeck

HiBy R5 Hi-Res Portable Music Player

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HiBy R5 Hi-Res Audio Player, High Resolution Lossless MP3/MP4 Music Player with HiFi Bluetooth/Amazon Music Ultra HD/aptX HD/LDAC/USB DAC/UAT/Android 8.1/FM/MOA, Support WiFi with Full Touch Screen

  • The CS43198 chips MasterHIFI and SmartHIFI in the HiBy R5 Hi-Res Audio Player can deliver the very best performance in sound clarity and pure, euphoric audio listening. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 425,the R5 owns Rock-stable firmware and OS,it's the snappiest responding player in its class and beyond.
  • Both 3.5mm and 4.4mm ports support both headphone and line out functions. Thanks to battery space and efficiency optimizations, this palm-sized powerhouse outputs balanced power up to 1040mW+1040mW@16Ω and 564mW+564mW@32Ω, yet manages to last up to 11 hours balanced / 18 hours SE.
  • The UAT is an all-new Bluetooth audio codec developed at HiBy. Supporting an industry-highest sample rate of 192kHz,supports up to 1.2Mbps, it can even adapt and optimize itself to different music genres. Its DTA Android global lossless output technology ensures that sound output and reception can no longer be interfered with.
  • Supports two-way Bluetooth, aptX and aptx HD, which can be used as a Bluetooth transmitter or as a Bluetooth receiver, greatly enriching the HiFi player's gameplay. HiBy R5 lossless mp3 music player support for two-way LDAC, allowing the quality of wireless Bluetooth reaches a higher level.
  • HiBy R5 digital audio player adopts 4.0’’ HD full touch screen,supports 5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi, Android 8.1 OS,FM Radio,E-Book, MSEB Tuning,QC 3.0 fast charge,USB DAC. 2GB ROM and 16GB RAM guaranteed smooth operation of multitasking systems, up to 512GB expandable memory can sore thousands of lossless musics.

Customer Reviews

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Great Hiby R5 player

Very good attention from the MusicTeck team,and the Hiby R5 player very good,I think it will have a long life in my hands, thanks.

HiBy R5 - a really tremendous DAP for the money

This is a great sounding and very pocket-portable DAP. Buying the R5 after buying an earlier Cayin i5 several years previously from
MusicTeck, I’m very impressed with Andrews’s business. He has been very helpful whenever I had questions. I bought both DAPs directly through MusicTeck and not Amazon.

My biggest frustration was trying to load my flac and aiff files onto the R5. I found the answer from a similar query that Andrew had answered on Amazon. When you attach the USB cable to your laptop you must immediately navigate to Settings>Connected devices>USB and then change “Charge this device” to “Transfer files”. Only then will the R5’s internal/external micro sd card show up on your computer which enables you to load your music files.

It sounds incredible through Shure earphones and even an older Bose bluetooth speaker. Much nicer interface, and faster loading than the Cayin i5. I couldn’t even get the Cayin to load on my newer laptop because of outdated software.

Bought the R5 to replace it, and very glad I did.
Get one.

Bill S.

Stevie Wonder is in My Living room.

Not superstitious at all. This is hands down the best investment ever in a DAP...This thing has as much power as the big boys (Lotoo Paw Gold) + the dynamics.

Balanced extracts even more details and dynamics. Hiby Music App somehow sounds wide+deep.I use only slight EQ and not M.S.E.B because shrinks the depth of music.

Tested VS the much-beloved ZX300 vs this and the sony sounded like it's not even there (using Audiosense T800 with 330 Ohm filters).R5 plays with authority and is full of dynamics and details like never before using the Hiby App. Other apps sound a little shallow and not as wide and deep. Only Fiio app came close.

I have some very old albums in 320Kbps M4a. The R5 will let you know right away you're playing a very compressed file.switch to 14bit,44100 FLAC and the details come like a flood.It gets even better with Hi-Res and MQA.

I'm totally satisfied and won't be spending on a DAP till this one breaks.

I only Run Hiby Music + Tidal+ podcasts on this.

Great Hi Res player

I love this player, very easy to use, it's a good size, the buttons are all in the right place, for me anyway and it sound amazing. I like to listen to music laying in bed and it just lulls you to sleep. The bluetooth connection is great with my Sony headphones, haven't had any problems with the player. I've had a few different Hi Res player, but this is by far the best one for me. I have ordered the leather case and can hardly wait to get it.

Hiby R5 Purchase

Simply put, the R5 is one of the best DAP's I have owned! Superb sound, full Android with Play Store and an overall excellent UI. Buy one as it can compete very favorably with the "Big Boys"!

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