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Lotoo Paw Gold Touch Reference Portable Hi-Fi Player (English Version)

Lotoo Paw Gold Touch Reference Portable Hi-Fi Player (English Version)

$ 2,799.00 $ 3,199.00

SendyAudio Aiva Black Beauty Series 97*76mm Planar Magnetic Headphones

Lotoo Paw Gold Touch Reference Portable Hi-Fi Player, with the flagship DAC chip AKM4497 and audio-oriented system architecture, PAW Gold Touch is giving more natural sound for its reference level design concept


Product Highlights:

- 3.77" IPS Touch Screen
- Lotoo OS (NOT Android)
- Bluetooth 4.1 with LDAC
- 4.4mm Balanced Output
- Power Output: 500mW at 32Ohm load
- USB DAC (Fully Asynchronous)
- USB-C Port, USB 3.1 Protocol
- Memory: SD Card upto 2TB, Supports UHS II
- 10+ Hrs Battery Life




- Dimensions: 119mm x 68.6mm x 21mm
- Weight: 275g

- Touchscreen
- Size: 3.77" IPS Display
- Resolution: 800 x 480
- Gorilla Glass (Std 5)
- DLC Coating for Added Strength
- AF (Anti-Fingerprint) Coating

- Playback Time: 10+ Hrs
- Capacity: 5500 mAH

- USB-C with upto USB 3.1 protocol
- USB DAC Functionality
- USB Charging

- Bluetooth 4.1 with LDAC support
- WiFi b/g/n (Purpose Still Unknown)

- SD Card
- Support Upto 2TB UHS II

- Lotoo OS (Not Android or Linux)
- PMEQ II with 5 Filters Per Setting

- DAC Chip: AKM 4497EQ
- Support upto PCM 768kHz and DSD512
- Headphone Out - 4.4mm Balanced & 3.5mm Single Ended
- Line Out - 4.4mm
- Output Power: 500 mW per Channel at 32 Ohms

4.4mm Balanced Headphone Out:
- Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 kHz (+0.008/-0.34 dB)
- THD+N: 0.00015%
- SNR: 127 dB
- Channel Separation: -126 dB
- Dynamic Range: 127 dB
- High Gain: +14.4 dBu
- Low Gain: -10 dBu

4.4mm Line Out:
- Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 kHz (+0.008/-0.34 dB)
- THD+N: 0.00015%
- SNR: 127 dB
- Channel Separation: -126 dB
- Dynamic Range: 127 dB
- Gain: +14.4 dBu

3.5mm Singel Ended Headphone Out:
- Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 kHz (+0.006/-0.38 dB)
- THD+N: 0.00045%
- SNR: 123 dB
- Channel Separation: Unknown
- Dynamic Range: 123 dB
- High Gain: +16 dBu
- Low Gain: -9 dBu


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
one of best dap's anywhere -outstanding

the lotoo paw gold touch (lpgt) dap is one of the best in the world. the dap is designed for transparency and no coloration -very musical without being warm. this offers flexibility with matching headphones. works well with all types of iems and headphones. great features. lots of flexibility to customize sound, depending on the audio recording and headphones. operating system designed for music performance. boots up in 2-3 seconds. stable software. no music streaming services, which works for me. wi-fi for updating firmware. built like a tank. uses standard size sd card -1tb+ card. the lpgt receives the highest recommendation.

i almost bought sony wm1z and so glad that i purchased lpgt instead. deal breaker with sony was proprietary power connector. lpgt uses usb-c. i wish lpgt offered built in memory. no complaints with lpgt. sound is glorious -detailed, musical, powerful and non-fatiguing. formerly owned the fiio x7 mk1 -which died- and i thought it sounded very good and lpgt is in another stratosphere. super quiet -no noise. works really well with ultimate ears live iem. powerful enough to drive my large planar headphones. expect lpgt to last a very long time.

i feel passionate about lpgt. it's such a joy to listen. i hear details in music that i hadn't previously noticed. powerful, deep, controlled, textured bass. sweet non-fatiguing high frequencies. transparent, authentic mids, while also rich. i always want to pick it up and listen to music. i recently used on 10 hours flight and i bopped, jammed and flowed the whole flight. such joy. after this experience, i'll probably buy the recently announced lotoo paw 6000, for more active pursuits -like gym. again, top recommendation.

also musicteck service was outstanding. i ordered and told musicteck that i wanted device in two days before leaving for a trip. i paid for two day shipping and musicteck shipped with one day shipping for no extra charge and they were responsive to my questions. thank you.


Shipping communication could have been better but other than that, the product is awesome.


Great service. Thanks musicteck. You guys have me great experience and the player is nice and sound great.

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