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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Luxury Precision LP6 32bit 384Khz HiFi Lossless DSD Music Player with Free Leather Case (discontinued)

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$ 4,499.00
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Luxury Precision LP6


1, Intel large-scale FPGA and two ultra-high linear industrial grade R2R decoder chip

2, Discrete desktop system power supply ideas, decoding, op amp, amp power supply is completely independent

3, High driving power while still maintaining low background noise

4, Very low distortion and ultra-high dynamic range

5, Two output mode and custom professional-grade EQ 6, 3 hours off can be charged full

6. RCA interface SPDIF IN/OUT multiplexing, the only portable player supports up to 24BIT/384KHZ sampling rate receiving and transmission.


Product model: LP6 (gold version)
Display: 3.5 inches, IPS screen, OGS structure
Resolution: 480*320
Body material: brass gold plated
Master: 1812C
DAC: 2 ultra-high linear industrial grade R2R DACs
Crystal: Ultra low phase noise -160dB active crystal
Operational Amplifier: EXCELS V-O
Auxiliary processor: Intel large-scale FPGA
Power Management Wafer: AXP216

PCB: 6 layers 3U immersion gold matte black
Inductance: Ultra-low internal resistance high current metal alloy inductor
Analog Circuit Filter Capacitor: Silver Military Tantalum Capacitor
Button: ALPS
Capacity: 64GB 24 BIT ECC FLASH
Maximum support for expanded capacity: 256GB micro SD card (TF)
Type of battery : Lithium battery
Battery capacity: 4800mha

Use charger specifications: DC voltage input range 4.8-5.5v, power adapter maximum output current is recommended to use 2A and above adapter (compatible with fast charger)
Life time: 9 hours (off the screen normal volume non-high bit rate file single-ended output)
Adapted headphone impedance: 8-1000ohm
EQ adjustment: 6 style adjustments and custom EQ
HP output: 2 mode adjustments
Dop SPDIF: Support
Digital filter settings: 6 filter modes
Output phase setting: 0 degrees / 180 degrees

USB connection mode: MSC mode / Audio mode
USB DAC: Current firmware supports up to 96kHz/16Bit
USB Audio delay setting: long delay mode / short delay mode
DSD decoding settings: Native DSD mode / DSD to PCM mode (in order to accommodate a decoder that only supports D2P)
Line output part performance parameters
Distortion noise: < 0.0005%
Signal to noise ratio: >121.5dB (single-ended)
Dynamic range: >121.5dB (single-ended)
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz +/- 0.5dB
Channel separation: > 98dB 10K load
Line output level: 2.8Vrms/1.8Vrms/ switchable design

Output power description
LP insists on the release of meaningful output power, although our amp has made perfect overcurrent protection, but we do not recommend exceeding or using the critical value of our published output power, especially some low resistance earphones, volume Excessive damages the hearing.
Button: Switch on/off screen, play pause, forward/backward, volume knob
Audio interface: 6.3mm earphone interface, 3.5mm line output (LO) interface, 4.4mm balanced earphone interface, USB-TYPEC interface (data mode / USB DAC mode)

USB-TYPE-C data cable

Leather case


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sonic nectar of the gods

This LP6 is really something. Lately when I demo new IEMs I'm always wondering how much of what I'm hearing is latent within the IEM and how much is the sheer beautiful sound quality of the source. LP6 creates this natural and clear yet full bodied and analogue soundscape-- it envelops and flows over you and makes me wish I could literally dive into it. It's intoxicating and utterly inviting. I've auditioned about a dozen IEMs through it right now and I'll be damned if every session doesn't leave me a little more enfatuated with the seductive, delicate yet ballsy, transparent yet full bodied, highly technical yet tonally perfect sound that comes out of this little gold brick. 5 stars.


Many thanks. Everything is very good. thanks

Sergey G.
Luxury Precision LP6

The quality of the player is excellent, especially the sound! The firmware and the touch is lame, as with all Luxury Precision. Switching on and off is super fast. There are many inputs, outputs 3.5 linear, 4.4 pentacon, 6.3 and digital. The sound covers all the disadvantages ) I recommend it!