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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

HYLA Sarda

Two purple halves to make one beating Hyla flagship called Sarda . Tuned to bring coherence and definition to the Hyla signature, this retains the balance of the CE-5 bass and treble, the fullness of the TE-5B's vocals and the sweetness in the TE-5T.

Definitely deserving of its flagship title, and priced perfectly to hold its own spot in the 1k-2k fleet of champions with 2 BA drivers, 1 dynamic, and 1 ceramic piezoelectric driver.

Only 300 world-wide.

Product ID
Body Material
Transducer Type
BA Driver *2
Dynamic Drivers *1
Piezoelectric Ceramic Driver *1
Freq. Response
20 - 45kHz
1.2m 2pin CIEM OFHC cable for HYLA (black)
Plug Type
 3.5mm mini stereo with gold plated
・Foam eartips (S M L)
・silicon eartips (S M L)
・Cleaning tool

・Nylon hard case (Vannuys Collaboration)

・Warranty card

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Genadi B.
Hyla Sarda!!!

Great headphones across the entire audio range.They sound much better than their price.Andrew helped me a lot in choosing these headphones.Thank you to him.

Donald C.
Wonderful IEM

IMO, Sarda is one of the best looking IEM’s I have seen. Great comfort, soft flexible cable of great quality. Bass quality and quantity is excellent but not over powering. Mids are a bit recessed but crystal clear, you hear every detail without strain. Treble is very extended, detailed and resolved. Best treble I have ever heard. The only other quality IEM I can compare to is the CA Jupiter and I like the Sarda much more. Sarda has so much life to it! Powerful but not overpowering, musical with great technical skill and crystal clear is how I would sum up Sarda. Love it! All listening done on a 2020 iBasso dx 160.

Earphone u.
Excellent in every way

Love this earphone. Solid bass as one expects from HYLA, excellent mids, and nice smooth Treble. Nothing lacking in this earphone. Would buy again. thanks.

Party in your ears!

This is the first Hyla IEM that received a proper name after supposedly combining the best traits of all 3 previous IEM, and the end result is a high energy sound signature worthy of TOTL status.

Bass reaches deep with articulate texture and speed, does not linger longer than necessary but does not unnaturally fade too quickly. Treble is effortlessly detailed and sparkly (if you are treble adverse please find a way to audition it before committing), mids are soft yet detailed. It is a very energetic IEM that works well with pop, EDM, for any faster music genre.

The only major fault is somewhat thin upper mids. Notes that fall under upper mids sound thin and transient. This can be rather obvious when listening to vocals that have a wider octave range when singer steadily increases in frequency range you can hear a distinct disconnect from when the vocal shifts from the DD crossover into the BA crossover. The thinner mids can be partially alleviated when using gold plated copper cables.

Packaging comes with a PWaudio Copper 28 V2 3.5mm with Hyla branding and a VanNuys case in a rather simple brown box. Packaging is rather unimpressive for an IEM of this tier. IEM faceplate is violet dyed stabilized wood with a dark transparent purple shell which allows you take a peak inside if you shine a light thru, nozzle diameter 6mm, recessed 2 pin.