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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Jomo Alpha Ti Limited Edition

Jomo Alpha Ti Limited Edition -MusicTeck


Due to the prolonged manufacturing process, the Alpha Ti will be available as a Limited Edition with total 39 pairs worldwide.

Technical Specifications

Alpha Ti (IEMs)

- SLM 3D printed medical grade Titanium Universal IEM shell body
- Laser engraved Titanium decorative faceplate
- 12 hrs hand polish finishing
- 1 pc of Piezoelectric super tweeter
- 6 pcs of Balanced Armature from Knowles
- 2 pcs Foster 9.7mm Dynamic Driver
- Newly designed CNC solid brass A.C.C. (Airflow Control Chamber) dynamic coupler
- Newly designed C.S.U. (CrossSync Uniphase)4 channels electro-acoustic crossover
- 3 acoustic wave-guides
- Spring loaded gold plated 0.78mm 2pins
- Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 80kHz
- Impedance: 10 ohms


Adrenalin (Cable)

- Ultra-purity Silver plated UP-OCC Litz Copper wire
- Eco-friendly PVC insulation jacket
- 26 AWG
- 8 wires
- Gold plated standard 0.78mm 2pins. flat head
- Rhodium-plated OFC Copper 4.4mm balanced termination
- 1.25 meter


Introducing the all new Jomo Audio Alpha Ti

Jomo Audio present to you our first new product of 2023, Alpha Ti, an universal In-ear monitor made with Titanium shell.

Since 2015, team Jomo Audio been working with the craft of artistic in-ear monitors in the traditional hand-poured resin methods and created countless beautiful IEM artworks with different colors, material inserts and finishing. Evolving with the the advancing of technologies, Jomo Audio entered the new era of 3D scanning and 3D printing methods as early as 2017. With the aid of the new technology, the team were able to challenge the technical boundary of the art of resin and material to make what was impossible in the traditional way possible.

Alpha Ti, utilizing Selective Laser Melting or SLM 3D printing methods to create the outer shell with medical grade Titanium. Using high power laser beams, directly melting Titanium power in more than 1200 layers to form a ergonomic IEM shell that are difficult to achieve with subtractive manufacturing methods. The printed shell go through a process of 12 hours hand polishing to create a fine smooth and shiny mirror finishing. Topped with a laser engraved Titanium faceplate with a artistic contour line decoration to give the Alpha Ti a classic aesthetic. Titanium is known for its strong, light weight and skin friendly property, been widely used in medical and aerospace provides superior resistance to scratch and hypoallergenic benefit provides long lasting comfort and high aesthetic of the IEM.

This project were created by Jomo Audio in collaboration with The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), a Singapore government funded high tech platform at Temasek Polytechnic.

In acoustic design, the Alpha Ti sporting 3 types of different drivers to create a full spectrum audio performance. Using two 9.7mm dynamic drivers from the well known Japanese dynamic driver manufacture, Foster, for bass response. The two DD drivers are coupled by a newly designed Airflow Control Chamber, A.C.C, that is CNCed from solid brass. Using 2 groups, total 6 Balanced Armature drivers from Knowles, and a newly developed multi-layer ceramic Piezoelectric driver as a super tweeter to gives a sparkle top-end.

The 9 drivers are connected with a newly designed CSU (CrossSync Uniphase) crossover network, splitted into 4 channels of electronics sound path, adding 3 path of acoustic wave guide, allowing the different drivers to work in synchronize in phase in time domain and frequency domain. Creating a well balanced sound signature with organic bass response with power and slam, clean and textured vocal mid-range, and non-fatigue high frequency performance with a sparkle top-end.

The Alpha Ti is paired with Jomo Audio in-housed designed Adrenalin IEM cable. The Adrenalin is the first premium upgrade cable designed in-house. Serving as the perfect paring with the Alpha Ti, the Adrenalin is a robust cable upgrade option for any other IEMs. Sporting 8 strands of 26 AWG silver plated copper wire, with high precision CNCed solid metal cable parts. Hand-picked the UP-OCC litz wire from the famous cable wire manufacture Neotech, it provide a well balanced power and speed without altering the sound signature of the IEM too much. The Adrenalin is one piece of elegant cable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Balanced neutral set with amazing technicality!

Alpha Ti is balanced like HD800 but with excellent note weight. It has a somewhat sweet rounded tone that is inoffensive. I'm becoming a fan of these metal shell IEMs. They seem to have a solid feel to the sound compared to the common resin-based shell. Alpha Ti has sharp pin-point imaging as a result. Not a basshead IEM nor treble-head IEM. Very balanced all-rounder!