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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+
Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Nostalgia Audio Unicorn Cable

The World of Magic and Uniqueness
The Unicorn cable elevates sound with exceptional detail and clarity, transporting you to a captivating sonic realm. Its mesmerizing design, inspired by the mythical unicorn, shifts and shimmers, reflecting the ever-evolving beauty of music. More than an accessory, it's a statement piece that sparks curiosity and ignites your audio experience.

Well-Balanced Sound
Despite its mid-tier price, the Unicorn delivers exceptional audio. Its balanced sound ensures all instruments shine, while remarkable clarity reveals every detail. Top it off with an immersive soundstage, and you are transported into the music.

Advanced Layered Main Core and Spiral Shielding
At the heart of the Unicorn lies a core of 99.99% pure silver, known for its ability to deliver clean, transparent sound. This is further enhanced by a special blend of silver-plated copper and pure silver in the second layer, meticulously chosen for its sonic qualities. Finally, a multi-layered shield protects the signal from interference. This combination of premium materials ensures the Unicorn faithfully transmits every detail of your music.

Special Litz Design
The Unicorn's secret weapon? A special Litz wire design. Unlike ordinary cables, it uses multiple thin, insulated strands. This combats the "skin effect" (where high frequencies travel on the surface, not the core) for several benefits:

  • Reduced resistance: Improves signal flow for better clarity and detail.
  • Lower capacitance & inductance: Maintains signal accuracy across the entire frequency range.
  • Reduced EMI: Delivers a cleaner, more transparent sound.
    This unique design is a key part of Unicorn’s exceptional audio performance.

Specially Crafted Appearance
The Unicorn boasts a light gray color scheme that extends to the cable parts for a unified look. SoftFlex PVC offers flexibility, durability, and environmental responsibility. Deep laser engraving showcases our logo for a lasting brand impression. Every detail reflects our commitment to exceptional design and performance.

Packaging Design
Building on the success of our Kratos cable launch, we've designed sleek and compact packaging for the Unicorn. The stylish outer sleeve, created by our talented designers, complements the cable's aesthetics. For enhanced protection and convenient storage, the packaging includes a protective bag and a cable storage buckle.


Core Thickness:           22.5 AWG (Core)

17.7 AWG (With Shield)

Diameter:                    3 mm

Weaving Method:       Two-Strand

Core Structure:           Special Litz Configuration with Spiral Shielding

Core Material:             4N Pure Silver + Silver Plate LCOFC

Shielding Material:     Silver Plated LCOFC + Colored 4N OFC

Outer Sheath:             ChameLeon Violet SoftFlex PVC

Connector:                  Customized Rhodium Plated Connectors