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    SendyAudio Aiva Black Beauty Series 97*76mm Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Original price $ 599.00 - Original price $ 599.00
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    $ 599.00
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    SendyAudio Aiva Black Beauty Series 97*76mm Planar Magnetic Headphones Traditionally Handcrafted

    Aiva is equipped with a 97*76mm ultra-nano composite planar magnetic diaphragm unit as its transducer. Combined with the superior sound characteristics of the zebra wood housing, the overall direction of its sound signature is one that is very comprehensive, exhibiting natural coherence across the frequencies with airiness, detailed with distinct layers of clarity and transparency.

    • Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
    • Driver Size: 97*76mm
    • Frequency̴ Response: 20-40Khz
    • Sensitivity: 96db
    • Impedance: 32Ω
    • Weight: 420g

    SENDYAUDIO was founded in 2015 by a group of highly seasoned audio engineers, hardened by years of experience as audio pioneers since the beginning of the audio industry in China. The Black Beauty series is SENDYAUDIO's new lineup for 2019, being the culmination of three years of extensive research and development. We use traditional, meticulous craftsmanship to bring out the best in specially selected high-quality natural solid wood as the headphones housing, with a unique texture specific to each unit. Each headphone is produced only after a long and involved production process from selecting the best wood specimens, to CNC machining, to engraving, grinding, and polishing, as well as repeated oiling and drying.


    In The Box:

    1, Aiva Headphone

    2, Headphone Hard Leather Carry Case

    3, Headphone Balanced Cable with 4.4mm Plug

    4, 4.4mm Female to 3.5mm (SE) Male Pigtail Adaptor


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Absolutely perfect, and excellent experience with this store

    I definitely recommend this headphones and also this site, this is the first time I bought from MusicTeck, and they deserve my rating without a doubt.
    Their price on the Sendy Aiva is very competitive, in fact, I haven't found a better price yet. And the like new offering is also perfect if you want to spend less money.

    Words are short for how amazing this headphones are, but let me just say you that both the headphones and its cables are exquisitely beautiful, never seen a product so good that I look at it some time every week, and it sounds as nice as it looks, but imagination falls short for this experience.

    Eric F.

    I decided to swap out my Audio Tekne LT-8310 for the more substantial LT-4818 CD Line Transformer. It has a larger Super Permalloy Core Transformer. All I can say is “HOLY COW!!!” This transformed the Avia’s! Opening up the sound with incredible resolution & musicality! NATURAL! NATURAL! NATURAL! Hats off, come to think of it, shoes off too with my feet propped up listening to the wonderful Avia’s & giving many thanks to the legendary audio designer & builder Imai San.

    Craig D.
    Amazing Headphones!

    I have my Aivas paired with my Hiby r5 DAP. Fabulous sound. The combo has done a great job with every type of music I have thrown at it. Detail is amazing. Short of my classic Stax electrostatics best treble I have heard. The bass is solid and well defined. Muds are coherent and well articulated. Off the chart bang for the buck. Thanks to Andrew once again for the great advice.

    Eric F.

    I’m excited to report, with the aid of my wideband powerline noise analyzer, that I’m able to show you the results of using an RFI EMI noise eliminator on the AC line powering my headphone setup. I initially plugged in the analyzer into an untreated outlet and got a numeric reading of over 100 hearing radio stations, voices, music & static thru the device’s audible speaker which, by the way, unfortunately plagues every home’s wiring. Then, without touching the sensitivity knob on the device, I plugged the analyzer into my power strip with the noise destroyer and...DEAD SILENCE! With a numeric reading showing 00.0! Please see pics below! That’s over a 100% percent reduction in noise on the AC line! So, If you’re still reading this and interested in achieving the best sound from your Avia Headphones or A/V system, lowering the noise floor is imperative! Dirty AC translates into a degradation of audio and video signals and that’s an electrical fact! I hope this test has been helpful to loyal MusicTeck customers. Well, I’m off again to listen to the wonderful Avia Headphones at their full potential. Lucky me!

    Carlos A.

    Best headphones ever owned