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Shanling M3s Portable Hi-Res Music Player with Free Leather Case - MusicTeck

Shanling M3s Portable Hi-Res Music Player

$ 199.00 $ 279.00

Main features:

  • Fully balanced audio circuit based on dual AK4490EN DAC, followed with dual MUSE8920 and dual AD8397 headphone amps.
  • Low output impedance, to assure best compatibility with senstiive multidriver IEMs - 0.3 ohm on single ended and 0.6 ohm on balanced output
  • Support of DSD256 and PCM up to 32/384
  • Multifunctional USB C port, allowing M3s to be used both as external DAC with your computer or smarthphone, or as USB transport for external DAC. (best matched with our L2 USB cable)
  • Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X support
  • Compatible with HiBy Link feature, control everything from your smartphone over bluetooth
  • Comfortable size at 113 x 53 x 14.5 mm, reasonable weight at 135 g
  • 3 inch retina screen with 480*800 resolution (300 PPI), newly with Oleophobic coating to reduce finger prints
  • Improved battery life with over 13 hours on single charge (balanced output reduces batttery life to 8 hours)
  • Standby/hybernation/deep sleep mode
  • Beatiful construction from two 2.5D glass panels and aluminum frame
  • Available in three colours - Black, titanium grey and royal blue

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great player

Checked out about 4 other players at about 200 dollar range best one I found with features and sound quality and also came with a free case thanks musicteck

Great DAP

For the money, the best. Without touchscreen, WiFi, it sticks to the basics. The UI is easy to use, the boot-up very quick with no lags when moving around in the music library, even with big cards. Am using IEMs through the balanced output, and find the sound to be exceptional.

Love my player

I researched players for weeks, looking for the best affordable player. I decided that Shanling m3s was the one for me. I didn't want extra apps and bluetooth. Just something I could plug in or put headphones in that was easy to work. The only thing I find annoying is scrolling through so many folders to find my choice. I'm going to reorganize my folders by letter groupings do it's easier to get to my choice. It sounds great, too. You need good recordings and a high resolution file to get the best sound. So, don't expect miracles if you're playing mp3 files.

Shanling M3s Music Player

The shanling player is the best of this type I've ever owned. It was a major surprise when I first listened with it to music I've heard many times on half a dozen cheaper and lesser portable mp3 players. The sound of good hi-res files on the Shanling is not nearly as dramatic as, say, a Colorfly, but rather it is softer, sweeter, much more natural and with excellent detail. I listen to it every time I leave home for a trip, and at home, I'm listening to it more than I have with other players despite the fact that I also have a stereo. I can say, without reservation, that the Shanling is an excellent player in whatever musical genre you like.

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