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Free shipping when you spend $150+

Shanling M9 (AKM Limited Edition: AKM AK4499EQ DACs) with Free Leather Case

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Original price $ 2,799.00
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Original price $ 2,799.00
Current price $ 2,519.00
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Current price $ 2,519.00

Shanling M9


  • Dimensions – 152 x 82 x 22 mm
  • Weight – 409g
  • Main Screen – 6-Inch 2160 * 1080 LCD with notch
  • Secondary screen – Two color low power screen in the notch
  • Operating System – Android 10
  • CPU – Qualcomm Snapdragon 665
  • Memory – Ram 8GB, ROM 256GB + Micro SD card slot
  • Hi-Res support – 32/768 & DSD512 & MQA 16X
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5.0, two-way, LDAC, LHDC, aptX HD, aptX, SBC Support
  • Wi-Fi – 2.4G/5G, supporting DLNA, Airplay
  • DAC – 2x AKM AK4499EQ
  • Amplifier – AD4610 & BUF364A & OPA1612
  • Output Power – Single-ended 460 mW@32Ohm // 920mW@32Ohm Balanced
  • Output – Interchangeable system, supporting 3.5mm, 2.5mm, 4.4mm and 3.5Pro
  • Battery – 8350 mAh, supporting 18W quick charging
  • Battery life – Up to 18 hours in single ended and 10 hours in balanced

M9 Introduction by Shanling

With M9, we are taking a big step forward in the Android platform. Moving to a newer and more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU and upgrading to Android 10, which will assure better performance and app compatibility for the foreseeable future. RAM was increased to 8GB for smoother multitasking and internal memory was upgraded to 256GB, to provide enough space for apps and their data.

M9 comes with a brand-new design, that makes it stand out among our older models and its rivals. It will be also our biggest portable player to date, featuring 6-inch 2K LCD screen. We are also adding smaller screen into the notch, which will be displaying basic information about volume, sampling or time.

Using the same interchangeable design of headphone modules from M8, M9 is good pairing for almost any headphones on the market. We even optimized its gain circuit to provide more power on both balanced and single ended outputs, for the most demanding full-size headphones. And at the same time, we managed to increase its battery life, up to 18hours of playback on single-ended.

M9 will be released firstly as the Limited AKM Edition, using stock of discontinued AKM AK4499EQ DACs, which made such a hit from our M8. Standard edition will be released in 2022, using different DAC chip.

Shanling M8 vs M9 comparision - MusicTeck

Shanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeckShanling M9 - MusicTeck

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shanling M9 (AKM Limited Edition:

This is a great player, with a beautiful design. The screen is the brightest I have seen. Now the best part is the beautiful sound. It has a wide sound stage, punchy bass, and nice dynamics as you listen between the highs and lows. The
The second best thing is buying from Music Teck and Andrew. I had no problem receiving my order in California in two days. I would rate the player a 9 out of 10

Mahmud S.
Sounds really good

1. Great customer service from musicTeck, I was facing a little technical issue, the response from Andrew was fast & detailed
2. It’s sounds little warm, male voice sounds better & battery life is great
3. Little challenging for non-android users, user manual in Shanling website is almost useless. I don’t understand how hard it would be to post a user friendly manual or a YouTube video
4. Haven’t use the device for streaming, so can’t say anything about that.

Finally, it’s a good buy @ this price point.

John M.

Upgraded my Sony NW-WM1A to the M9. Recommended by Andrew. Great recommendation! Better resolution, separation, 3D, clarity, and timing. Less fatigue. Better in every way. I love it. I listen mostly to classical and voice and the nuances of voice especially is incredible.

Favorite sound than M17 and DX300MAX

I have reached one end point.
the FiiO DAPs M15 and M17 are cool and inorganic sounds and very boring, but I think Shanling is doing very well. It is very warm and has softness, reality and three-dimensionality in the sound. The moment I got the Shanling M9, I sold the M17.

A great well-designed DAP M9.

Mark V.
More Refined...But....

I spent 9 months with the M8. the sound was definitely warm with slightly recessed mids, Highs were there but did not have sparkle.
The M9 builds upon the M8 in terms of sound quality and refinement. cooler in the bass department but the quality is more refined, mids are more prominent and the highs have a good amount of sparkle to them.
The user interface like the M8 is lackluster, its missing features that are present on DAP's by other manufactures. Both Amazon music and Tidal have annoying issues that tend to ruin
my musical listening experience. The build quality is great , until you get to the volume knob. It feels flimsy and not engaging like the M8. for a $2800 player in my eyes these pitfalls are unacceptable, for the money you are better off with a Fiio M17 or a HiBy RS6.