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SIMGOT EM5 IXDD+4XBA hybrid Flagship IEM - MusicTeck

SIMGOT EM5 IXDD+4XBA hybrid Flagship IEM

$ 299.00 $ 499.00

EM5 adopts the core dynamic driver of EN700 PRO -- final chapter of EN700 SERIES, to construct solid and excellent base of mid and bass

Magnificent and glossy high frequency extension

Subtle construction system with dual plates and triple frequency divisions

Ergonomic wearing

Modified 0.78mm 2pin detachable connector

6N OCC & SPC braided cable

Package includes:

  • Earbuds
  • 0.78mm 2pin 6N OCC&SPC braided cable
  • Leather compression box
  • Eartip I
  • Eartip II
  • VIP&Warranty card
  • User Guide

Customer Reviews

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Simgot EM5-A natural progression, just like a fine Sports Car

As luck would have it, the EM5 arrived in time for one of my travels. Speedily packing the EM5’s into my go gear, I was able to garner a short (one evenings worth) listen before the travels.

If one likes a mid-forward (but not too much in my mind) sound then the EM5 is very, very good. Solid vocals, accompany the keyboard in Jah Skaka’s Alpha and Omega, while the bass guitar lays down a solid beat, made more so by the UM foams. With good air and layering, I find this adds to a good wide soundstage. A bit wider than tall or deep; the soundstage is like a good panoramic. You get everything you need in that frame, and do not miss a whole heckuva lot. And to me, what sounds analytical with silicon sounds closer to natural with foam. While that analytical silicon sound is still good, for me I prefer the more natural tendencies. Heathens from twenty one pilots sounds simply sumptuous through the Opus #2 and EM5. With enough up top, somewhat sparkly, to keep one interested as well. On songs such as Los Lonely Boys Everything About You, I can sense a bit of analytical cymbal crash, but the rest of the song, with the guitar support is quite sumptuous. This is a sound, which mine ears doth like. Male vocals sing along with the song as they are supposed to…support when needed, front and center for the verse. Good stuff, indeed. I would appreciate a bit more bass thump in the sub bass region.

The Simgot through my preferred set up of thebit Opus #2, the sound is of excellent quality. And as listed above, the Simgot was all but equal to the task. Albeit a bit thin of bass (except with the aforementioned Han Sound Venom cable), the Opus gives the details, and the IEM must follow suit, or it falls short. And here the EM5 does not fall short. Quick decay of that bass, along with a slightly forward mid, and a bit of sparkle (good energy) up top make for an enjoyable pairing. If you like mids, this is a very good IEM, and even better at the current price.

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