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UM MEST Indigo

Original price $ 2,699.00 - Original price $ 2,699.00
Original price $ 2,699.00
$ 2,699.00
$ 2,699.00 - $ 3,519.00
Current price $ 2,699.00

UM MEST Indigo

New Technology Innovation

  • 4 EST+DD+BA+dBC-s Patented Technology
  • Experience New Transient Reactions and Sensitivity
  • New Static Is Coming, Extraordinary Ultra-High Frequency
  • Indigo Fiber Shell
  • 3D Sapphire Pinewood Faceplates
  • Upgraded UM Copper M3 Cable
  • Upper-grade OCC Cores
  • High Fidelity Sound Quality

UM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeckUM MEST Indigo - MusicTeck

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
J V.

I have been an audio enthusiast and engineer for nearly 30 years. These are the perfect earbuds. I have spent hundreds of thousands on sound systems that don’t come close to these. These are with out a doubt the most accurate audio device you can purchase. I use them with the astell and kern sp2000. Wow. That’s it. Nothing more I can say. Thanks Musictech. Worth every penny!

UM MEST Indigo

Where to start, first thing ! ear opener I couldn’t believe how far IEMs have come since 2018, the last time I attended a Canjam. The Mest Indigo was the one, to catch my undivided attention. From the holographic imaging, to the thumping deep impactful textured bass the beautiful mids emotion grabbing vocals also can’t forget the staging is grand one of the best in a iem. I think the bone conduction might be the key to the madness bringing a sense of cohesion, but not a lot of extension in the treble though lacks some air only weakness but it isn’t bad still top tier. It’s a perfect all arounder for my taste in music. It’s also the most comfortable iem I’ve ever tried. At the mid $2k range it’s a bargain and I feel it’s a entry into/totl iem.

Jonathan R.
God Tier

This is one of a set. I've been looking for years to come across this kind of sound signature. I am very happy with my purchase this is my top iem one ever. I have to go through all my library. Soundstage is not super wide but very spherical which is very impressive.

Absolutely recommended and I am not in my honeymoon I have it for a full month. It's just that good

It is paired with a fiio m17 4.4mm. gorgeous


Purchased this IEM 3 month ago. Using it with a 300max, RS6 and L&P P6pro.
The Indiogs are very detailed, 3d imaging, nice DD bass. Mids are neutral and perfectly balanced. Treble can be slightly on the brighter side, compared with a VE Phoenix, but never harsh.
The P6pro matches perfectly with the Indigo. Extremely neutral and authentic.
Highly recommended and thanks to Andrew for an outstanding support and great recommendations.

Excellent IEM For All Genres

I’ve had the Indigo for about 3 weeks and it has been one of those rare IEM’s that has me delving into my music library to hear my favorites again through this amazing IEM. It’s a gem aesthetically and sonically. Impeccable tuning and smoothness that invites long listening sessions. Mostly listen with my Lotoo 6K which is a great pairing. Shout out to Andrew for his always responsive and excellent customer service!