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W900 is designed to be true reference equipment, it offers powerful yet natural sub bass which you will never find in a full balanced armature CIEM. The 4 way crossover network configures dedicated woofer, mid, treble and super tweeters. Inherited AAW's highly praised musical imaging, instrument separation and realistic sound stage, W900 steps up the game by offering extended treble and superior detail retrieval. The end result being a high-end speaker like performance condensed in a tiny footprint of CIEM.

AAW worked with the best balanced armature maker in the world to develop the bespoke super tweeter drivers used in W900. It ensures non-compromising sound pressure all the way up to 20kHz and further extends to 40kHz. 

Suitable for stage performers, recording studio, audio engineers and the most critical audiophiles. Every AAW custom is customised to fill exact cavity of your ears. The CIEM experience is started with a trip to audiologist to have ear impressions taken and AAW will carefully craft the monitor shells mirroring their shapes. Delicately tuned and matched transducers are then mounted into the shells to create a one of a kind earpiece for you and you only. Universal shape for W900 is also available.


 Piling on the success of the Accessport, Capri is AAW's latest offering for iPhone music application. Designed to achieve Hi-Res music on-the-go and stay uncompromised on sound quality and mobility. We prefer to avoid the bulk of carrying amp stack or navigating through some awkwardly designed UI and laggy OS on digital audio players.


 Without internal battery, storage, screen, complex operating system software, Capri uses your iPhone for these non-audio related functions and really focus on the sound design while lowering the overall cost. Therefore we can deliver sound quality which usually costs a few hundred dollars at a fraction of the price tag. Here comes Capri, barely bigger than the footprint of a traditional analog IEM cable, it brings an entirely new breed of portable audio experience on the table!


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