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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Astell&Kern SE300 (Titanium and Silver version)

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Original price $ 2,499.00
Original price $ 1,899.00 - Original price $ 2,499.00
Original price $ 2,499.00
Current price $ 1,749.00
$ 1,599.00 - $ 1,749.00
Current price $ 1,749.00
Color: Titanium

Astell&Kern SE300

  • Fully Discrete 24 bit R-2R DAC
  • Equipped with 96 ultra-precision 0.01% & TCR10 resistors
  • New Dual AMP (Class A/AB) mode
  • Option for OS / NOS modes
  • Implemented self-developed and optimized FPGA technology
  • New Crimson theme UI/UX
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless Hi-Fi

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sound top, Software flop.

The DAP is a great sounding R2R device. I compared it side by side to the KANN Ultra, and there is a big gap between these two.

The sound is lively, holographic and with some salt in presentation. But the software lags a lot. Skipping to a new track can take 3s at least. Sometimes it played the song too slow and sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

A&K should have taken the 8core processor and this would be an awesome device, maybe the SE400 is.

Mark S.
Took a little time but well worth the money

Just received my SE300, replacing my SE100 with it. More information on the screen. Beautiful colors, sharp screen. Fast and responsive system. Compared to the SE100.
Between the 2, the 100 seems smaller in my hand and is not as fast. Even with the increased weight the 300 does feel good in my hand.
Between the 2 amps I hear minimal difference in the sound. Easy to access by touching the top of the screen and pull down. Tap the amp option and switch on the fly. Super simple, same for the DAC options.

SE300; Transferring files is noticeably faster and just works. SE100 it would stop now and then. So improved.

Updated interface is nice, lot of options to install more apps.

Now that I own both would I buy the 300 again over the 100?
SE300 Major improvement in the interface, interface speed. Screen resolution, more space on-board.
SE100 Sound is very close. If I was only making a decision between the 2 on sound quality alone, I would not buy the 300.
Coupled with the screen, speed etc, I am glad I bought the SE300. Very happy with the purchase.
Update 1,

Went for a long walk and played. I am using the Ultimate Ears UE18pro.

The player is fast and responsive. They updated the interface and changed the loading screen. I made a few adjustments on the player, gain up, Class A amp, Limit off. No I don’t listen at ear damaging levels. I did notice the 18pro opened-up with these settings. Bottom a little tighter, mid and highs are solid, clear and open. Very nicely defined. All improvements over the SE100. Before with everything set to factory default and Class-A; I did see a minor improvement but not much over the SE100. Sounded like all the limits on the Class-A were removed and it had a lot of head room.

Adjusted the EQ to add a little more bottom and very happy with the results. Solid improvement over the SE100 in my opinion.

Don’t like

Weight and size. After the first 10 minutes of a walk the size is noticeable and even with the case the edges made themselves noticeable. The slightly smaller size of the SE100 never presented this issue. Added weight in there.

Not sure about the case yet. You can see in the picture there are 4 indented ovals. Top for the power (1), sides (3). This I heard was due to how sensitive pressing them is. Lightly touch and they do respond. But, with the SE100 I could easily feel which was which. Not the case with this. Debating if I want to cut the side out. With the sensitivity I will probably leave it intact.
With 30 or so hours on it went for another walk. Turning the gain up and volume limit off really made a difference. My 18pro in-ears opened up. Sound is very clear and spacious. One comment I can make is my walk was over way sooner than I thought it would be. Just very absorbing player. Love it.
I believe this is a nice step up from the SE100.