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Brise Audio TSURANAGI Portable amplifier

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Brise  Audio TSURANAGI Portable amplifier

TSURANAGI Portable Amplifier was designed as a testing device to develop Brise Audio's high-end headphone cable and high-end portable line cable (mini-mini cable) to create an ideal portable audio environment.

Brise Audio cables are used for the internal wiring, and the electromagnetic wave absorbing shielding material and CNT (carbon nanotubes) used in our high-end cables, such as MURAKUMO and YATONO, are installed on the board to further improve the sound quality.

Product Highlights:

Output Segment:

  • The portable amplifier features Current Feedback Amplification. A true CFA design can power up almost everything.
  • An ultra-wide amplifier bandwidth of 2 Hz to 200 kHz to ensure a flat response in the 20 Hz to 20 kHz audible range.
  • Upto 1W per channel at 32ohm(32 ohms, THD+N<0.01%)

Input Segment:

  • Balanced input/output
  • High input impedance and high common mode noise rejection through low-noise differential line receiver
  • Unbalanced-balanced conversion by low-noise, fully differential operational amplifier

Power Supply:

  • Dual power supply and DC servo eliminate input and output coupling capacitors.
  • Charging via USB type C
  • Continuous playback time of approx. 8 hours


  • Equipped with high-quality electronic volume IC MUSES72320


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gianluigi B.
Fantastic amp

I bought Tsuranagi to use with LPGT TI and Jewel and Traillii.
I had a very good sound but adding Tsuranagi,everything become much better, transparency,more aire,details,dynamic,power.Absolutly I suggest to try, really happy

Anfernee Z.
Probably the Best Portable Amp on the Market

I rarely praise a product like this, but TSURANAGI is really worth it. The craftsmanship of TSURANAGI is complicated. As far as I know, it was not sold to consumers at first. It was purely used by the sound engineers of Brise Audio when debugging cables and sounds. Then it met consumers by chance at an exhibition in Japan. Brise Audio's research on SONY series products is so in-depth that every time their products are paired with SONY products, they give people a feeling of "natural fit". The disadvantage of WM1ZM2 not providing LO leads to its disadvantage of low thrust, but TSURANAGI perfectly helps it reach an unprecedented height. I sincerely recommend all WM1ZM2 consumers to try TSURANAGI, it will tell you it's all worth it.