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    Cayin HA-300 Direct Heated Triode Tube Headphone Amplifer - MusicTeck

    Cayin HA-300 Direct Heated Triode Tube Headphone Amplifer

    $ 3,999.00


    • Best possible integration of balanced and singled-end signal processing: Input Transformer(for Bal input)-> Push-pull Single-end Amplification-> Output Transformer (for Bal output)
    • Two-boxes design with multi-stage tube regulated power supply
    • Carefully selected premium tubes
    • •Power Amplification: Full Music gold pins ceramic base 300B x2
    • •Voltage Amplification: Shuguang WE6SN7 replica of Western Electric x2
    • •Tube Rectification: NOS RCA 22DE4 rectifier tubes x4
    • In-house design and custom-build power, input and output transformers
    • Provide choice of headphone outputs for high, middle and low impedance; make sure all headphones will perform satisfactory.
    • Point-to-point Wielding to ensure shortest signal path and enhance the transparency and refinement of audio performance
    • High quality shield silver-plated internal cable to minimize interference during transmission
    • High-Precision 24 steps potentiometer to provide low noise, high-precision volume control.
    • US Aviation standard sockets and connectors for outboard power supply connection
    • Beautifully design and crafted VU meter
    • Support XLR balance and RCA singled-end inputs

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Brad M.

    The Cayin HA 300 is a first class tube headphone amp. The build quality is great and the sound is quite musical in nature. I have owned several Cayin tube amps before and throughly enjoyed them. This one is no exception. Looking forward to trying the 8-watt SET amp with high efficiency speakers.

    Joe G.
    A real fantastic statement amp! Very musical sound with body and energy

    Ever since I heard my first 300b tube amp, I knew I was hooked and that I have to have one. After much research, I took my chance and bought the Cayin HA-300 from Musicteck. I am definitely not disappointed with this amp. If you read the handful of reviews out there, they are all pretty much true.

    On my system with the Chord Qutest DAC and Audeze LCD-3 Fazor (all cables from Morrow Audio), I am hearing a lot more dynamic musicality than ever before. There is a heightened sense of realness and presence that elevates the Audeze LCD-3 from what I thought was possible without having to upgrade to the LCD-4.

    In addition to the music being more visceral, the soundstage and treble extension have opened up. The mids are still nice and lush, but vocals are no longer as veiled as my previous amp can sometimes exhibit.

    The bass is still quite good. About the same amount of slam as before, but there's more tightness and articulation. Overall, instrumentation separation, resolution, and transients have improved. Another thing I notice is that with a highly resolving combo like what I have now, poorly mastered music sticks out like a sore thumb, while beautifully mastered tracks becomes even more enjoyable.

    Interestingly, even though my Qutest outputs RCAs into the HA-300, when I switch over from Single Ended 6.3mm to 4-pin balanced XLR, I get even clearer mid-treble and treble, with just a slight loss of bass, which also came in tighter than before.

    I would say that this tube amp is just left of neutral, but not overly buttery warm as some tube amps can be. Of course, all you need to do is roll some tubes to change the sound signature. These stock Shuguang WE6SN7 and JJ Full Music 300b tubes work very well with this amp, and I can't to explore other sound by rolling my tubes.

    Worth it

    Sounds great, solid build quality. Prefer over WA33, Studio Six, and Kenzie Encore, all of which I've owned previously.

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