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DUNU Blanche Pure Silver IEM Upgrade Cable  - MusicTeck

DUNU BLANCHE Pure Silver IEM Upgrade Cable

$ 329.99

DUNU Blanche Pure Silver IEM Upgrade Cable

8-Core, 27 AWG OCC DHC Silver, Type I Litz Configuration, Flat Litz Braid  

The DUNU Blanche is a premium quality upgrade cable with the same DUNU patented technology.

Usually, we get upgrade cables with monocrystalline copper material, but with the DUNU Blanche, you get an 8-core braided cable made with pure silver material wires. We all know pure silver is a very rich and premium material. It offers uninterrupted audio signal transmission and provides its users with rich detailed sound output.

The DUNU Blanche features DUNU patented quick switch modular termination plug technology. Users can easily switch between different termination plugs without any issue and use your beloved IEMs with any source port. The cable comes with 2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm Single-Ended, and 4.4mm balanced L type termination plugs.

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DUNU Luna and Blanche is a dream

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