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Free shipping when you spend $150+

Effect Audio Axiom with free Maestro/4.4mm cable

Original price $ 1,499.00 - Original price $ 2,298.00
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$ 1,499.00
$ 1,499.00 - $ 2,298.00
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Effect Audio Axiom

The Axiom is Effect Audio’s latest groundbreaking in-ear monitors. The Axiom is more than just a technical audio device. This is an experience product that grows with you; its modular design empowering the most discerning of users with absolute control and scalability.

This is our statement on what an personal audiophile product of the 21st century should be like: embodying all of the virtues of sustainability, versatility and user experience in one product.

This is probably the first personal audio product in the world to be designed with sustainable features from the moment of its conception. In addition to minimised packaging and included accessories, this is also the first in-ear monitors in the world to include a Modular Unit (MU) System that promises maximum scalability and user interactivity for years to come.

IMPORTANT: Please note that every Axiom will not ship with a stock cable. Customers are highly encouraged to reuse whatever they have or may also choose to opt-in to our perpetual Cable Bundle program.

Versatility & Comfort

Every Axiom is optimized for a wide variety of usage applications, genres of sonic content and for extended hours of listening. The shell and nozzle are the collective results of extensive in-house research and ergonomic studies before arriving at these designs.

The sound signature can also be described as non-fatiguing; with a reference-class voicing. This comes from many years of experience and input from audiophiles everywhere as the most versatile and user-friendly design. Customers are more than welcome to craft their own sounds using their favorite accessories.

SAFETY WARNING: Please practice safe listening habits and use this product responsibly. Exposure to excessive noise will cause irreversible hearing damage and bodily harm.

User Experience: Every unboxing of the Axiom to be a unique adventure.

From the moment of unboxing to the first listen of the product, Axiom customers can expect to be taken on an exciting adventure through the mystical Orient. Numerous design elements harking back to ancient Far East are interwoven with multisensory experiences, awaiting to be discovered.


Technical Specifications:
  • Driver system: 2-way BA-DD hybrid
  • Drivers: 12mm magnesium dynamic driver with LCP suspension (bass, mids),
    twinned FK-series Knowles Balanced armatures (high frequencies) 
  • Linear Frequency response (-6dB): 20 to 16,800 Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 4,800 Hz
  • Crossover architecture: Proprietary RC architecture
  • Impedance: 32Ω @ 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB/mW @ 1 kHz
  • Weight (without cable): 10.2 g
  • MU System Modules: Standard Pack (MMCX, CIEM)


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steve M.
Effect Audio Axiom

Pro:. Very detailed, nice bass extension, vocals crystal clear with sparkle on the treble.

Con:. Fit and more fit issues.

Once I was able to finally get an excellent seal, these became a toss up with my Dunu Luna. Getting there was extremely trying. The fit into my ear had them too large with not a very long nozzle causing the seal to constantly be breaking. No seal, they just sounded ordinary. The supplied eartips we're not working. I tried several different Spinfits but still struggled with the fit. Finally I decide to try the Azela Xelastec and with their form fitting design obtained that seal that brought the music to life. Now I don't want to use my others. The bass extension from the 4 string bass is amazing. Saxophones really sound like they are right there and female vocals almost like they are singing to you.

I have not tried the $99 Effect Audio cable that was in my package but instead have been using a Dunu Blanche MMCX 4.4mm balanced with the FiiO M11 Plus Ltd. An excellent pairing. I did buy the silver alternative but have not tried those yet.

Definitely would recommend giving these a listen at a show or one of the tours.

Yauheni S.
Unique and Innovative IEMs

I'm sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.

I don't consider myself a full-fledged audiophile, because emotions are important to me when listening to music, and then all other factors. But it's been my hobby for quite some time and I have enough IEMs on hand to compare: Noble Kaiser K10, Noble Kaiser Encore, Noble Sultan, Unique Melody Mest MkII, Unique Melody Mext, CA Andromeda Classic, CA Solaris 2020, CA Dorado 2020, Sennheiser IE800, Audeze Euclid, etc.

I've got my Axiom as part of a super bundle, which includes EA Cleopatra (with ConX) and Maestro cables + an additional YU MU module with a different sound signature.

I really like the EA Axiom sound. Axiom delivers a huge amount of emotions.

It has quite a huge soundstage and very good imaging, great macro-dynamics despite being quite technical and detailed across a whole spectrum of frequencies. Obviously, the main attraction is its low end, which really shines - good sub-bass extension, fast, impactful, well-controlled. I am not afraid of high frequencies and I really like highs in standard tuning - it feels very natural, clear, and energetic. The mids despite the fact that they are quite good quality feel a little pushed back in the standard tuning.
I listened to Axiom with such genres of music as jazz, metal(black, death, thrash, folk, pagan), orchestral music, rock (hard, psychedelic, rock-n-roll, rockabilly, indie), pop (indi, synth), folk, electronic music, etc. and I can confirm that they coped well with all of them.

With additional YU module sounds signature becomes more simplified in my opinion - mids elevated a bit, but at the same time highs are smoothened out and less resolving. I feel like this sound signature is better suited for mainstream modern music. Although I think it might be a better option for another person.

I am not a huge cable believer, but Axiom almost initiated me - somehow all that cable nuances are more obvious with this IEM.
EA Cleopatra is a gorgeous cable - it is very beautiful, feels premium, and is reliable.
I have Noble Gold & Silver, Noble standard upgrade cables, PW Audio M1/M2(from UM Mest Mk II/ Mext) PW Audio N10, but Cleopatra is on another level.
It is the most high-end cable I currently own.
I feel like Cleopatra brings more control, clarity across all frequencies.
ConX is a really great feature, which gives the ability to use Cleopatra with essentially any IEM (at least in my collection).
I plan to try Cleopatra with Noble IEMs (Sultan, Encore, Kaiser) - I believe it will be a really nice combination.
The only thing I miss is Term X - then my Cleo can be a cable to rule them all.

I think that EA Maestro cable generously gifted by MusicTeck along with Axiom is not the best match for Axiom - it elevates low end (especially sub-bass), but without Cleopatra's level of control there is too much bloom.

I was so impressed with EA cables that I bought two remaining cables from the Vogue series - Virtuoso and Grandioso (unfortunately I had to buy from another store since these cables are not available at MusicTeck). I like both of them with Axiom and I think either of these cables is a better choice than Maestro to pair with Axiom.
What is really cool is two sets of Axiom standard modules, one with MMCX and one with a 2-pin connector.
I bought Virtuoso and Grandioso cables for my Audeze Euclid and Andromeda (both with MMCX connectors) - It took me just a couple of minutes to swap 2-pin with MMCX modules on Axiom to try these cables.

To sum up my impressions - Axiom brought me a lot of joy and emotions probably like no other IEM I have.
In my opinion, this is one of the most innovative and versatile products in recent times.
The ability to tune the sound with various modules, the ability to use a variety of cables with the two most popular types of connectors are undeniable advantages. And in the end, this is a great toy with which you can fiddle endlessly.
I'm looking forward to other MU modules and probably Axiom XP although it might be already way over my budget.

I want to thank MusicTeck for letting me buy such a great bundle for such a bargain price.
I only moved to the US in October 2021, but in those six months, you have become my favorite audio store!
Thank You, guys!