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    Effect Audio Cleopatra Octa

    Effect Audio Cleopatra Octa

    $ 1,599.00

    Effect Audio Cleopatra Octa

    Cleopatra is the unification of every hallmark design that is accredited at Effect Audio, implemented unto a Pure Silver catalyst. The result is a one-of-a-kind Silver cable that manifests superb solvency and incredible audiophile technicalities that embodies the named character Cleopatra

    Carrying similar DNA of Cleopatra, the Octa elevates the musical listening to a whole new different realm! Users pursuing the zenith of performance can look no further than the Cleopatra

    • 26 AWG 8 Wires
    • Selected UP-OCC Pure Silver
    • Golden Ratio Dispersion Multi-Sized Stranded
    • Woven Kevlar infused Septuplet Core Bundle Litz
    • Individually Enameled Strands
    • Superior PSquared / P-EA plugs
    • EA UltraFlexi Jacket

    Cleopatra Octa features a EA unique braiding methodology to retain ergonomically pleasing despite its twice amount of wires induced into the chain. Users pursuing the highest level of technical performance borne out of the Cleopatra can promptly choose this option.

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    Andrew L.
    A heavier low-pitched, more dense, deeper sound.

    I want to apply this cable to the Legend X SE.
    I bought it.
    The Legend X SE comes standard with the same cable with the 4-wire version.
    Cleopatra, unlike other silver cables, has a low sound that is thick enough to compare to copper cables.
    The octa of the 8-wire version, compared to the 4-wire version, has a heavier low-pitched, more dense, and stronger sound overall.

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