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Effect Audio Code 51

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$ 2,388.00
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Effect Audio Code 51’s powerful synergies are further drawn out with the application of Effect Audio’s custom-engineered cable geometry, the “Multi-sized and Multi-Bundle Stranded” design. Using the principle of the Golden Ratio Dispersion, to optimise precise implementation of the ratios, and geometrical arrangements of the materials to achieve a sound that can boast of being musically perfect!

Technical Specifications:

  • 24AWG
  • Selected Premium UP-OCC Material
  • Gold Plated Silver / Silver Gold Alloy / Palladium Plated Silver Hybrid
  • Golden Ratio Dispersion Multi-sized and Multi-Bundle Stranded
  • Individually Enamelled Strands
  • Superior PSquared / P-EA Plug with Titanium Casing
  • Exquisite Titanium Y-splitter
  • EA UltraFlexi Insulation


Effect Audio once again resent a unique expression of cable-making craftsmanship. Code 51 excels not only in its vast and holographic soundstage, superb separation and detail-retrieval capability, its deep, immersive lows and smooth, rich highs and mids all work synergistically together to deliver a dynamic, true-to-life reproduction of sound.

The Titanium-crafted Y-split, adds in a futuristic image of the new flagship cable. In terms of aesthetics, the sculptured design features an asymmetrical appearance with bevelled lateral parts, that shimmers with an ever-changing array of reflections when exposed to light. The cunning design not only enchants as a work of art but also forms the perfect complement to Code 51’s superlative sound properties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason C.
Awesome cable!

I used to think of cables as nothing but snake oil until I got my hands on the Effect Audio Janus D. It was an eye opening experience because my EE Zeus XRV and 64 Audio U18T gave me speaker like sound that truly wowed me for the first time.

After reading all the raving reviews on the Code 51 I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered it from Andrew. Code 51 to me was an improvement in sound stage and detail retrieval with greater clarity. I never thought I would spend that much on a cable but I have absolutely no regrets because I feel it's well worth it. Dealing with Andrew is always a pleasure. He just makes it easier to part with my money.

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Andrew L.
Cable with good balance

Code 51 compared to the basic cable.
It evenly adjusts the sound signature, makes the overall texture feel natural, places the vocals a little more forward, forms a natural midrange, and improves the overall tone.

Mr. Andrew's service always touches my heart.
thank you very much.

Expensive but awesome cable!

I've had several different totl cables but this one really brings about the differences achieving the multi-dimensional sound stage with the microscopic details and clarity.

This is not a bright cable but well balanced. I usually regret spending too much money on cable but not with this one. This is my most favorite cable!