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    Effect Audio JANUS Upgrade Cable (2Pin - CIEM Connector) (2.5mm Straight Plug) - MusicTeck

    Effect Audio JANUS (2.5mm Straight Plug)

    $ 1,699.00

    Effect Audio JANUS Upgrade Cable 

    Project "Janus" is derived from unrelenting pursuit of innovations and technological excellence in the art of cable crafts. "Janus" features an industry-first's Palladium plated cables as well as an unique EA developed alloy mix to tame the volatility of 'Palladium' as a plating material. Janus offer 2 modes of optimised configuration- 'Dynamic' & 'Basso' ; featuring full bodied richness and realistic tonal balance. 

    Technical Specifications:

    • 24 AWG
    • 8 Wires
    • Multi Sized Stranding
    • Ultra Purity OCC Palladium Plated Copper & 'EA Alloy Mix'
    •  EA Ultra Flexi Insulation
    • PSquared / Pentaconn Superior Plugs



    • A multi-sized stranded design within the same encapsulations enables the Eros II to achieve distinct highs and details due to the signal transmission speed in thinner cable strands, while the thicker size cable strands are usually employed for smooth bass and mids.
    • Past experiences have taught us that even though sound quality is a critical factor in determining an upgrade cable’s worth, the tensile strength and flexibility matters too. The reworked insulation features high tensile strength and flexibility, while adding as little weight as possible
    • 8 Wire Braid is only available by “Bespoke”
    • Effect Audio uses certified UP-OCC materials only.

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