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Jomo Audio Tango Pro-Audio Universal IEM - MusicTeck

Jomo Audio Tango Pro-Audio Universal IEM (brand-new demo)

$ 799.00 $ 1,399.00

JOMO Audio Tango Pro-Audio Universal IEM

Tango packed with 6 tuned balanced armature drivers and benchmark a balance point between fun sounding and analytical sound signature. Warmth and transparency come in one single package, ideally for audiophile and musicians stage monitoring.


Six Precision Balanced Armature Driver

Five ways CSU crossover network

FR: 20 Hz -20 kHz

Sensitivity: 108 dB

Impedance:~32 ohms at 1KHz

Triple multi-sizeTi Metal Sound Bores

Noise Isolation: ~26dB +/- 3dB (Custom Version)

Effect Audio Ares II UPOCC cable.

Cross Sync Uniphase

CSU is the fundamental method and techniques of IEM sound design.

The problem

Balanced armature driver is highly inductive. Traditional passive electronics filters in the multi-driver crossover system introduces phase shift at crossover point by 90 degrees to 180 degrees. As the analogy signal coming from the DAC to the IEM is an AC signal, out of phase electronic signals will produce out of face soundwaves from the drivers. Converting the out-of-phase issue from electronic (electronic signal) domain into analog (soundwaves) domain. It results multiple drivers cancelling each other at crossover point and cause a big dip on the frequency response together with a dirty Fast-Fourier Transform analysis.

The Solution

CSU utilizes both electronics filtering design and acoustic path design to create crossover system including passive electronic low pass filter, band pass filter and high pass filters. And the acoustic filters help to eliminate unwanted frequency from the driver and smooth the frequency response. By adjusting the placement of each driver, soundwave phase cancellation at crossover point can be eliminated and all drivers will produce synchronized soundwaves at the same time. Resulting the drivers to produce wider frequency range improve sound pressure level at super high frequency range. And for the users experience, they will be able to hear more detail, full-bodied and engaging sound with a nature sound stage.

In summary, CSU conjugating frequency domain and time domain into one synchronized system with phase aligned multi-driver IEM crossover system. Delivering an unparalleled coherent and natural sounding IEM design.

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