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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Reference Portable Hi-Fi Player (English Version)

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$ 3,199.00
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Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Reference Portable Hi-Fi Player, with the flagship DAC chip AKM4497 and audio-oriented system architecture, PAW Gold Touch is giving more natural sound for its reference level design concept

Product Highlights:

- 3.77" IPS Touch Screen
- Lotoo OS (NOT Android)
- Bluetooth 4.1 with LDAC
- 4.4mm Balanced Output
- Power Output: 500mW at 32Ohm load
- USB DAC (Fully Asynchronous)
- USB-C Port, USB 3.1 Protocol
- Memory: SD Card upto 2TB, Supports UHS II
- 10+ Hrs Battery Life




- Dimensions: 119mm x 68.6mm x 21mm
- Weight: 275g

- Touchscreen
- Size: 3.77" IPS Display
- Resolution: 800 x 480
- Gorilla Glass (Std 5)
- DLC Coating for Added Strength
- AF (Anti-Fingerprint) Coating

- Playback Time: 10+ Hrs
- Capacity: 5500 mAH

- USB-C with upto USB 3.1 protocol
- USB DAC Functionality
- USB Charging

- Bluetooth 4.1 with LDAC support
- WiFi b/g/n (Purpose Still Unknown)

- SD Card
- Support Upto 2TB UHS II

- Lotoo OS (Not Android or Linux)
- PMEQ II with 5 Filters Per Setting

- DAC Chip: AKM 4497EQ
- Support upto PCM 768kHz and DSD512
- Headphone Out - 4.4mm Balanced & 3.5mm Single Ended
- Line Out - 4.4mm
- Output Power: 500 mW per Channel at 32 Ohms

4.4mm Balanced Headphone Out:
- Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 kHz (+0.008/-0.34 dB)
- THD+N: 0.00015%
- SNR: 127 dB
- Channel Separation: -126 dB
- Dynamic Range: 127 dB
- High Gain: +14.4 dBu
- Low Gain: -10 dBu

4.4mm Line Out:
- Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 kHz (+0.008/-0.34 dB)
- THD+N: 0.00015%
- SNR: 127 dB
- Channel Separation: -126 dB
- Dynamic Range: 127 dB
- Gain: +14.4 dBu

3.5mm Singel Ended Headphone Out:
- Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 kHz (+0.006/-0.38 dB)
- THD+N: 0.00045%
- SNR: 123 dB
- Channel Separation: Unknown
- Dynamic Range: 123 dB
- High Gain: +16 dBu
- Low Gain: -9 dBu


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Bought from MusicTeck!

Hello Music Loving Friends:

I gifted myself the Lotoo PAW Gold Touch this holiday season buying the unit from MusicTeck. The Gold Gold Touch is supremely well built, has a snappy and easy to use interface, and that sublime neutral playback of my music files... What can I write that has not already been written? I love the unit for the reasons already stated by so many.

About MusicTeck and their service: This was not my first purchase from MusicTeck for a reason. Purchases have always left within a few days of ordering, items are received packaged very well, and everything I have ordered has been exactly as described.

Highly recommend the Lotoo PAW Gold Touch for it's reference quality sound and always recommend MusicTeck for their great service.


Still one of the best DAP in 2022

The LPGT is honestly still one of the best DAP ever made. Even in 2022 standard, the LPGT sounds clean, can power most of my headphones and even work great with a iem that has Impedance 8Ω. I even tested my recently received AKG K340 and the LPGT seem to be handling the headphone pretty well. The AKG has an Impedance 400 Ohms (had to max out the volume to 100). The PMEQ and ATE system is really nice. You can create your own EQ or just use their presents EQ. I just mainly use the "headphones" PMEQ. The XRC function let you convert PCM - DSD or DSD - PCM or PCM (or DSD) - Higher PCM (or DSD) Sample Rate. There is some concern since you cannot use streaming services on the DAP. As a workaround, I just connect the DAP to my phone and use it as a DAC/EQ. My favorite part of the LPGT DAP is that it doesn't really lag or crash on me. I had some DAP in the past and it usually crashes on me, but not the LPGT. The LPGT have its own OS and its really simple to navigate. Making a playlist is also really easy. You can either just add an entire folder or 1 individual song to a playlist. Overall, the LPGT DAP still holds up in 2022 and I am sure its going to still hold up to many of the years to come, especially since its uses its own OS and not an android OS 🙂.

1 complaint I do have is external storage. I wish it could hold more than a single 1 SDCard. I don't think there is any internal storage as well.

Reference Sound Chameleon

This digital audio player is a work of art. The form factor and pleasing visual esthetics are spot on. It has ample power for most headphones. This DAP is more neutral and layered than LPG 2017. The treble extends all the way with a pleasing, natural, delicate tone. With LPGT, you can turn it into virtually any other DAP, sound-wise, by using their industry leading parametric equalizer. I was able to get mine to sound like Sony NW-WM1Z and Lotoo Paw Gold 2017 by using the player's well implemented sound shaping abilities.

Dale B.

I'd purchased a Cayin N6ii Master DAP with 3 motherboards, that was sourced from MusicTeck and it was excellent.. Like everything I buy, I eventually want to try something new ..

Hence a great price on site prompted me to purchase the LPGT

Wih a 2 second boot up, great GUI / navigation and tuning options with enough power to excel my Audeze LCD-5, Utopia, Z1R and HE-R10D cans, the sound is liquid gold particularly stepping up the LCD-5 headphones..

A worthwhile and pleasing investment and Andrew always makes the purchase experience wonderful.

Chris N.
One of the best DAP!

LPGT is more neutral than my SPK Black which is a bit on the sweeter side, to me that is. What LPGT wins absolutely is the nicely implemented parametric EQ. The EQ on AK players are jokes, so much so that I learned not to use EQ all over the years. BUT, having functioning EQ sometimes feel so nice because, there is simply no such thing as perfectly tuned headphone, isn’t it?