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    Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp - MusicTeck

    Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp (Like New)

    $ 155.00 $ 165.00

    Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp 


    Supported Format: PCM 32K-384KHz DSD64/DSD128 

    Weight: 27.10g 

    Size: 66mm*22mm*13mm 

    Max Output: 3.5mm:70mW/ch @32Ω 

                          4.4mm:120mW/ch @32Ω 

    HP Port: 3.5mm Unbalanced 

                   4.4mm Balanced 

    Freq. range: 3.5mm: 20-20KHz..+0/-0.017dB 

                          4.4mm: 20-20KHz..+0/-0.016dB 

    USB Port: USB Type C 

    Noise Level: 3.5mm: -118dBu 

                         4.4mm: -114dBu 

    Screen: OLED 128x32 

    THD+N.. Low gain: -106dB(0.0005%) 

    High gain: -108dB(0.0004%) 

    OS.. LTOS 

    S/N: 3.5mm: 123dB 

             4.4mm: 122dB 

    Firmware Update: Supported

    The all-new peerless PAW S1, which inherits the same prestigious DAP architecture from the Lotoo PAW Lineup, aims to raise the bar again in the field of Portable USB DACs. Much more than a rocket in your pocket, the PAW S1 is the revolutionary game-changer that will ignite your Multi-Media Entertainment experience like never before! 

    Title: Beyond Comparison 

    Known for its top-of-the-line DAPs, Lotoo decided to add a DAC-Amp to its PAW Line-up to satisfy the needs of ultra-portable audio lovers. It goes way beyond the conventional boundaries of the performance a DAC is expected to have. At a fraction of a cost of its prestigious DAP siblings, what Lotoo introduces to the market is a pocket powerhouse built upon the same DNA as the rest of the PAW family line. The PAW S1 uses the same architecture Lotoo employs in its DAPs (namely PAW Gold Touch and PAW6000), so you can consider it to be an ultra-small DAP without storage. 

    Why isn’t the PAW S1 just another USB DAC? 

    Continue read:  10 Reasons Why the PAW S1 is a Truly Game-changing Technological Marvel 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    William W.
    Fabulous entry level

    Fabulous DAC with smooth, warm sound. Great value entry level with portable devices!

    Sweet sounding little DAC / amp

    I am very impressed with the Lotoo Paw S1. I've owned portable USB DAC / amps before like the iFi Hip Dac and the Dragonfly Red but this one is my favorite. Very low noise floor and the sound gives a very good impression of space with solid imaging. The sound feels natural and clear. It has the power to drive my full size headphones to their potential, especially through the balanced output. I probably wouldn't attempt to drive full size planar headphones with this, but most dynamics should be fine unless they have a very high impedence. I love that it uses 4.4 instead of a 2.5 balanced out. The 4.4 is just a much more solid feeling connection so I always choose it over 2.5 when it's an option.
    I personally love the fact that it does not have a battery. One less thing I have to remember to charge. My only gripe so far is I wish it came with a short right angle USB C cable. That would be ideal for attaching to the back of a smartphone and dropping it in your pocket. I ended up buying a 3rd party cable for this purpose and it works great.
    Overall I highly recommend this product. It will be my go-to portable source for the foreseeable future.

    Lotoo Paw s1

    Lotoo makes great products.


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