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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

MASS-Kobo Model 394II Balance Headphone Amp

model 394 is a full balanced amplifier from input to output.

You can enjoy natural and real sounds with it.
It is developed based on a special circuit, because we needed a headphone amp which can reproduce the musical sources without almost any noise in a process of development of condenser microphones.

It has a set of inputs that can be used either with XLR Balance Input or RCA Unbalance Input (Unbalance Input convert to Balance signal by inside amp.

XLR Balanced input have reference level select switch.
You can choice +4dBm from professional player or -10dBm from consumer player.

The power supply is AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz for world wide use.

Model 394 can also drive Abyss AB1266 to the best sound quality.

MASS-Kobo Model 394II Balance Headphone Amp - MusicTeck


Model : Full Balanced Stereo headphone amp
Input : Electronically Balanced = XLR3-31 , Unbalance = RCA
Output : Balance = XLR4-31 x 1 or XLR3-31 x 2(L,R) , Unbalance = φ6.3 TRS x 2(High or Low)
Input Impedance : 3.7kΩ (XLR)/ 12kΩ (RCA)
Reference Input Level : +4dBm/-10dBm (XLR)/ -10dBm (RCA)
Maximum Input Level : +25dBm (XLR)/ +10dBm (RCA)
Maximum Output Level
(P-P) : Balance = Hi 24V, Low 18V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)Unbalance = Hi 12V, Low 9V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
(RMS): Balance = Hi 8.5V, Low 6V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%) Unbalance = Hi 4.2V, Low 3V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
Maximum Output without Distortion : Balance = 2.2W , Unbalance = 600mW (with 32 ohm load, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
Frequency Characteristics : 13Hz - 100kHz (-0.5dB)
Power Supply : AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Electric Energy Consumption : 0.5A (with AC100V)
Size :
285mmW x 230mmD x 50mmH (except the rubber feet and projections)
285mmW x 230mmD x 52mmH (including the rubber feet and projections)
Weight : 2.9kg (without the power cable)

      Customer Reviews

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      Steven R.
      Mass Kobo 394 II

      Musictec really understands audiophiles. I have several experiences where I describe in detail the type of sound I am looking for and the price range and they match me up.

      Every single time- they hit it on the nose. The key, they say,- is for the purchaser to give as detailed a description as possible so that they can properly advise. In most cases there was back and fort with multiple questions and answers and clarifications to make sure I was going to get the sound I was looking for.

      This headphone amplifier purchase went through this same rigorous process- and it is exactly what I wanted. The sonics are stunning. Transparent, fast, detailed, full bodied sound output with superrior control of the headphone drivers. I am so so happy. This amplifier IMHO clearly surpasses above the Oor/Hypsos, CFA-3, Audio-gd Master 9, and Bakoon 23R just to name a few amplifiers I have tried; and yet it is tiny, and light.

      Highly recommended amplifier and highly recommended dealer...