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MMR Thummim - MusicTeck

MMR Thummim

$ 4,499.00

MMR Thummim

'Thummim' is most significantly exemplified by an inconceivable spherical soundscape offering texture and details with distinct wideness, abysmal depth and soaring height.

It's a MMR prized design befitting of a modern world audiophile flagship status and a showcase of MMR's top notch technology. 'Thummim' artisanal usage of 4 electrostatics that's conjoined within a single transformer allows the flawless oeuvre of musical masterpieces to come alive..

MMR team behind 'Thummim' added on Eletech's proprietary internal LITZ wires as final touches to perfect the IEM.Housed within a MMR speciality Titanium shell for UIEM, the monitor is offers perfect ergonomics that is befitting of daily usage.


  • 9 Triple Hybrid Drivers Configuration
  • Quad Electrostatics , 2 Vented Mid , 2 Highs , 1x Bespoke 9.7mm Foster Dynamic Driver
  • 4-Way Passive Electro Frequency Division
  • TriBore Waveguide
  • Eletech Proprietary Internal Litz
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-80kHz
  • Impedance: 35ohm
  • Noise Isolation: -18db (UIEM)


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
deserves a place in anyone's collection

the thummim is by far the most opinionated iem i have owned, but when you agree with it, it's pure magic. it delivers endless gobs of musicality, energy, and warmth that you can wrap yourself and get lost in for hours. they are bass heavy, but not in a way that overshadows any part of the frequency range. as other reviews have stated, it doesn't work well with every genre (definitely not my go to for ambient, for example), but even then i could never see myself giving them up, they're just too much fun

Top of the crop

Having owned the Obravo Ra-C-Cu and Audeze's LCD-i4, I am not easily impressed by most IEMs.
I bought the MMR Thummim (thanks for the awesome service, Andrew!) and was blown away by the headphone-like presentation (I had only experienced this with the Ra-C-Cu in IEM format before);

The Thummim might easily be mistaken for being rather bass-heavy but they are great with pretty much any genre you can imagine- with the notable exception of classical. Still, the Thum is the most unique IEM I have had the pleasure of owning and is certainly a keeper long-term. 5/5

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