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    Oriolus Traillii JP New Generation Electrostatic Hybrid IEM

    Oriolus Traillii JP New Generation Electrostatic Hybrid IEM

    $ 6,599.00

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    Oriolus Traillii JP

    Oriolus Traillii JP - MusicTeckOriolus Traillii JP - MusicTeck

    New Generation Electrostatic In-Ear Earphones With 12 Drivers Each Channel.

    The Traillii JP is the flagship in-ear earphone from Oriolus. It has a 3-way design equipped with 4 latest-gen Sonion electrostatic drivers and 8 balanced armature 3-way drivers.

    With 10 years of tuning experience from leading Japanese manufacturers, the Traillii JP is designed to deliver invincible, superb sound quality and performance, regardless of material costs. Upon Oriolus’ uncompromised standard, the Traillii JP is characterized by the ultimate and balance performance in the treble, midrange, and bass, a smooth and natural voice, and extremely high resolution, with a wide sound field, high density, and rich detail as heard in over-ear headphones.


    • Mixed 12 driver each channel, including 4 latest-gen Sonion electrostatic drivers and 8 balanced armature drivers.
    • Customizable handcrafted cavity with German-made resin for panel personalization.
    • Equipped with customized cable tuned for the Traillii based on PW Audio 1960s.
    • Equipped with the Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced headphone jack from Japan.
    • Exclusive multifunctional earphone storage case and cable reel in collaboration with VanNuys (Japan).


    Body Material: Photopolymer

    Transducer Type (per CH):  Electrostatic Driver*4; BA Driver*8

    Sensitivity: 112dB/mW

    Freq. Response: 20Hz40kHz

    Impedance: 21Ω

    Cord: Pure Audio Grade Copper (PWaudio)

    Plug Type: 4.4mm Balanced

    Accessories :

    Silicone Eartips (S M L 2-flange-M)
    Foam Eartips (S M)
    Protect Case (Vannuys)
    Round Twintube (Vannuys)

    Customize your Traillii by selecting a faceplate and shell from the options below. Please contact info@musicteck.com for questions or inquiries.

    Note: A customized Traillii will take around an additional 1.5 to 2 months.

    traillii - musicteck


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Aleksandr K.
    Unbelievably Superb

    Listening to Traillii exceeded my expectations. They do really sound holographic like the bigger cans.
    Level of detail is crazy especially in highs, while bass and everything around is nowhere weak, muddy or overflowing.
    It is the first IEM combo I don’t want to change anything in, including eartips.
    Switching to SpinFits CP100 make sound more edgy and U-shape from which Traillii doesn’t benefit in my opinion.
    As for AZLA SendaEarfitLight tips, well, they elevate the whole frequency range higher which is also not good to my ears.
    So I would recommend to just plug them and enjoy the music!

    To summarize - It’s a great product and I can easily imagine Traillii to become my final TOTL choice.

    Eric W.
    Traillii / Leonidas II pairing

    I posted a review on my initial impressions of the Traillii a while back, and wanted to to give you an update in relation to the cable. As mentioned previously, that PW cable that comes with the Traillii is custom tuned to bring out the best in the Bird. But it also brings out something that initially I found just irritating. Over time it put me off. I'm talking about the microphonics.
    So I decided to cable roll and tried a couple other options. Eventually I settled on the Leo II.
    This turns out to be a phenomenal(!) pairing. The sound is much clearer, almost like someone removed a veil which you didn't know was there. Everything is so crystal clear now. Paradoxically, it's also a tad warm. Coupled with the (even slightly more) expansive soundstage you're left wondering how that was accomplished.
    The other benefit of the traditional Leo II is that it's a sleek, minimalist cable which is not super heavy.
    The PW cable that originally comes with the Traillii is the 1960 4-wire, a cable which is twice as expensive as the Leo II. This comparison certainly is an example for the fact that more expensive is not necessarily better. In this particular case - and for my personal tastes - it's in fact the other way round.

    Jiawei L.

    Oriolus Traillii JP New Generation Electrostatic Hybrid IEM

    DONG Y.O.


    Just Incredible.....End Game in IEMs!!!

    If you need the best and can afford it.....don't look around for anything other than the bird. No doubt these are expensive, but once you start using it, right from out of the box, you will realize that you are in for something which you have never experienced earlier. High quality planar full sized headphones sound from an iem when used with right gears and ear tips...You will feel sound not in your ears but all around you streching above your head. Such is the spaciousness, stage, imaging detail, layering and clarity. Now whether the asking price is justified for this sound quality is something for one-self to decide....This excels in all departments and is a TOTL iem for its sound quality. If you are in look out for best of the best in the market...this is it.... Big shout out to Andrew and his wonderful service . Got the shipment in shortest possible time delivered in India...

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