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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+
Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

PMG Audio Apx

We are excited to share really big news with you today! A new release of a very exclusive model is coming. Our team has been relentlessly working on developing this IEM. Apx (read: apex [ˈeɪ.peks] ) will be limited to only 25 production sets worldwide and released under our new brand - PMG Audio.

PMG Audio was created as a sub-brand oriented on higher-end top-of-the-line products, while Custom Art will remain a value-focused brand.

Apx features:

  • 11 drivers: 1 rectangular planar super low, 1 DD low, 2BA low mid, 2BA, mid, 2BA upper mid and high, 2BA high, 1 round planar ultra-high;
  • 7-way crossover;
  • quad-brid configuration; 
  • amber faceplates, each unique and hand-crafted by our production department;
  • 3D printed shell with painted golden gradient:
  • new luxury wooden packaging for the IEMs; 
  • Apx comes with a certificate of authenticity;
  • universal fit only.