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    PWAudio Blackicon Series - Silver Gold (1% gold) - MusicTeck

    PWAudio Blackicon Series - Silver Gold (1% gold)

    $ 462.00

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    Jacket Material : Polyethylene (PE)

    Conductor Material : silver with 1% gold

    Conductor Gauge: 26AWG

    Number of Conductors : 4

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Kevin H.
    Great Cable

    A rich, smooth operator, a match made in Heaven for the MEST!

    Embrace Your Bass

    Fantastic cable that punches well above it's price point. Even tho this is a silver cable, it is a 1% silver/gold alloy. It presents a wonderfully cohesive soundscape that opens up and explores the bass. The mids and highs are excellent, but the bass is where this cable shines. Highly recommended.

    Liquid gold!

    Amazing cable upgrade, perfect for any IEM on the brighter side. Increases sound space and depth, gives a bit of warmth for IEMs with subdued low end. It also retains most of treble details and smooths them out so less than perfect recordings (or compressed music) improves in sound. This cable is able to turn some of the flatter reference IEMs much more musical.

    This cable is not designed to pair with naturally warmer IEMs, it will emphasize too much lower end frequencies and will end up sounding too dark. With the right pairing it is an amazing cable for what it does at these prices. (Personal setup with the cable: EE Zeus XIV on Lotoo Paw 6000, unfortunately Zeus is too sensitive and this cable will not increase impedance to be used with noisier sources such as Hiby R6 Pro..)

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