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    qdc VX-S - 10 Armature Anole (Standard)

    qdc Universal VX - 10 Armature Anole

    $ 1,999.00 $ 2,299.00

    qdc VX-S - 10 Armature Anole (Standard)

    qdc VX-S 10 Armature Anole (Standard)


    • Sensitivity : 110-113dB SPL/mW
    • Frequency response :10Hz-20000Hz
    • Impedance:15-19 Ω
    • Armature units: 10 micro balanced armature
    • Noise isolation: 26dB
    • Monitor plug: 3.5mm(1/8") connector
    • Cable: optional
    • Technical feature: 3 Sound channels, 3 crossover, natural restoring, superb music quality
    • Frequency response types: 8 Types
    • Classification: Standard VX-S
    • Recommend: monitor and music enthusiast

    10 Armature Anole

    As expected, qdc launched new flagship, positioned the Anole series. X stands for 10, that is 10 drivers design. VX is a kind of nerve agent with more toxic than Sarin in military, one of the deadliest chemical weapons. So you should have more preparation before audition, as it is a "toxic"earplug.

    Different from the previous Anole, VX has 3 tuning switches, switch 1,2, and 3 are low, medium and high frequency respectively, which can be adjusted alone, and playing method jumps from 4 tuning to 8 tuning.

    qdc monitor also offers optional customized appearance, personalized design patterns, characters, color can also be customized for external faceplate.

    Note: Anole VX standard model only has one option.

    Professional debugging

    qdc monitors have been adjusted by several top sound engineers and famous musicians in music section, with the features of wide frequency response, small stain, abundant sound detail, crisp and clear quality, accurate sound field positioning without losing the sense of encirclement, high resolution middle-high frequency, but not too much modification, innate excellent transient response for balanced armature, attaching equal importance to designing both quantum sense and descending, and more excellent middle frequency density than moving coil, thoroughly explain the rich emotion of music.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Alex L.
    Superb sound

    The clarity. The detail. The soundstage. The Anole VX has it all.

    Very very happy

    First let me tell you, I'm very happy with musictech! very very helpful, and courteous! And I am in love with my new iems, the qdc anole VX wonderful wonderful headphones! thank you and I recommend these iems.

    Anole ALL the WAY !!!

    I am an owner of 64 Audio U12, two pairs of shure 846's for daily use and abuse. After getting Anole vx10, I am now selling my 64Audio u12 amd 1 pair of my shure amd getting a second pair of anole vx 10 for daily use. Well let me tell you guys, after using Anole, u12 now does not even comes close.
    Much more: open stage, depth, visual feel, transparency and color are Top-notch. 64's FEEL LIKE MONO now, Anole universal fits perfectly greatly isolated they are cable to be driven to beyond crazy loud sound levels which will massage
    your ears. Lol. Any whooooo, ME LOVE, ME LIKE, ME BUY 1 MORE.

    Shopping from MusicTeck

    Compared to other stores, the prices are very good, the selection of quality products is excellent. I decided to buy a qdc Anole VX I read a lot of good things about it. The seller is very polite, friendly, helpful with answers to my questions. After placing my order, the seller immediately shipped the package via DHL, which is known to be fast and secure. After 6 days, I received the package in Europe without damage. The qdc box was in unopened packaging, of course, so it was new.
    Conclusion: shopping from this store is very safe, I can highly recommend it. The seller is honest. And Anole? It is simply one of the best.

    John B.
    Reference sound quality with amazing BA bass

    I’m very happy with my purchase of the qdc Anole VX. It compares quite favorably to my other flagship IEMs (Odin, A8000, Luna), while its bass performance is unmatched by them. Really happy with this purchase!

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