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Shanling M5s Case

Shanling M5s Case

$ 30.00

Leather Case designed for Shanling M5s Case
Shanling M5s Case
Shanling M5s CaseShanling M5s CaseShanling M5s CaseShanling M5s CaseShanling M5s Case

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Shanling M5s

Love this DAP. I previously had a Shanling M3s that I really liked, but the scroll wheel has cumbersome to deal with, particularly with a large music collection. The M5s corrects this issue with a responsive touch screen, and has all the other things that I liked about the M3s: GREAT sound, well constructed and sleek fit/finish, all the features I want, etc, etc.

A few negatives, but not real big deals for me:. 1) screen resolution for music library isn't great, and 2) it takes a long time to update your music library on microSD.


Case fits perfectly. All controls easy to access. Great that there is nothing exposed on bottom end.

Nice Case!

Great quality leather, looks good, fits well, protects well, feels great to grip.

Awesome quality case. Fits the M5s perfectly!!!

This is the nicest case that Shanling Audio has made to date for ANY of their music players/DAP's IMO

It has a very luxurious feel to it and the stitch work on mine is amazing. The leather case has that good quality smell to it that ONLY genuine leather has. And on top of that, it fits onto the M5s absolutely perfectly and like a glove. It's definitely not going to come off or even budge a millimeter unless you want it to, because it's pretty difficult to take off and has a GREAT fit LoL

It hugs the M5s much better than my M0 leather case fits snug on my M0, and it gives the M5s MUCH better grip overall and it's MUCH less likely to slip out of your hands, since the M5s does have two sides of glass haha

Overall, I highly recommend getting one of these leather cases if you have a new M5s, and it's definitely the icing on the cake for the amazing DAP that is the M5s. It's worth the $28 for SURE

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