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    Shanling M6 Pro 21 HIFI MP3 Audio Player Android OS Loseless Hi-Res Music Portable Player - MusicTeck

    Shanling M6 Pro 21 HIFI MP3 Audio Player Android OS Loseless Hi-Res Music Portable Player

    $ 799.00

    Shanling M6 Pro 21 HIFI MP3 Audio Player Android OS Loseless Hi-Res Music Portable Player

    • DAC changed to ESS Sabre ES9068AS
    • Amplifier LPF changed to OPA2211
    • Internal memory increased to 64GB
    • Maximal output power increased to 760 mW@32 ohm
    • Battery life improved to 16h SE and 13h Balanced

    Available in black with gold wheel or titanium with gold wheel.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Kenneth S.
    Great player

    Shanling knocked it out of the park with this dac/amp combination. These two work so well together I think we’ll be seeing them in more and more players but Shanling has done a great job with implementation and providing quality power to make this pairing shine.

    The dac digs up a great amount of nuance that provides a more realistic sense of timbre ques. The amp is strikingly fast, deep and strong sounding.

    I am very happy, even surprised at the sound quality of this player and would buy again.

    Whilmar V.P.

    Very good device, I am very happy with its performance

    michael p.
    Excellent in every way

    I ordered the Shanling M6 21 pro (like new). I received an email from Music Teck that they sold out of the like-new units and were sending me a new sealed unit. WHAT??!! You talk about fantastic customer service. They obviously care about their customers. I really appreciate it guys! Fast shipping. The unit itself is 5 star, easy to use, has outstanding sound quality, and is beautiful. Shanling does it right. Could I have purchased a higher-end player from Astell and Kern, sure, but the law of diminishing returns is flatlined quickly. Output is outstanding with no need for an amp. The dual ES9068AS chipset which is an upgrade from the AKM is liquid and refined, and I am a fan of MQA, and the benefit of MQA is easily heard in the M6. One hell of a player, and distributor!

    Power Punch Detail and Clarity!

    This new M6 Pro 21 is an unbelieveable DAP. It's like a just got 6 new flagship IEMs. Honestly, every single IEM has come alive in ways I couldnt have imagined. Down low, the bass and subbass have got muscularity, depth, authority and a weight I cant really describe, but all of that fantastic layering and control. The mids are beuatifully creamy and there's a ton of air, spearation, resolution, clarity and sparkle up top without a hint of sibilance. All of this atop an absolutely black background. My Fusions have new punch and splarkle and I've got 2 sets of Planar Hybrids from IMR which sound absolutely spectacular. And I swear my UM 3DTs are presenting a wider and deeper stage. I LOVE this DAP.

    Rik T.
    Sounds better than the M6 Pro

    All my IEM,s and headphones all seem to have a little better punch and feel to them with this New Version. I hear better highs and more punch in the bass. I'm hearing things I don't remember hearing before. The Cymbals are sharper and the drums have more punch to them. The Vocals are just like listening to them through my Nad amp, Martin Logan speakers home system. I really feel this New Shanling M6 Pro 21 is a step up and was worth the purchase. I listen to early 70's Krautrock and 70's Rock and Prog 60's Pysch , and all of this has a new life to it. This new version has made my Campfire Andromeda just shine.

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