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    Shanling Q1 Portable Hi-Fi Audio Player Music Player MP3 player - MusicTeck

    Shanling Q1 Portable Hi-Fi Audio Player Music Player MP3 player with Free Screen Protector Kit

    $ 119.00

    Shanling Q1 Portable Audio Player MP3 player

    Key Features:
    - Unique retro design
    - Powerful Hi-fi DAC/AMP ESS Sabre ES9218P chip
    - MTouch 3.0 OS developed by Shanling
    - Bluetooth connection to headphones, using LDAC, aptX, AAC
    - Bluetooth receiver mode for use with smartphones and tablets
    - Bluetooth transmitter function when used with computer
    - Hi-Res audio support
    - Expandable memory – Micro SD card slot
    - USB DAC/AMP function for use with computer
    - Digital USB output for use with standalone DACs
    - Pocket friendly size
    - Durable Zinc Alloy construction
    - Hardware buttons and volume wheel
    - Battery life up to 21 hours



    75*62*16.5 mm
    2.7 inch 360*400 touch screen
    MTouch OS by Shanling
    about 136.8 g
     DAC Model:
    ESS Sabre ES9218P
    Battery Life:
    up to 21 hours (depending on usage)
    Deep standby: 
    up to 20 days (depending on usage)
    1100 mAh lithium battery
    Charging time: 
    2 hours (depending on usage)
    Charging connector: 
    up to 2 TB Micro SD card (purchase separately)
    Audio Formats: 
    3.5mm jack headphone output
    Output power:
    80 mW @ 32 Ohm
    Output impedance:
    <0.2 Ohm
    Channel separation: 
    76 dB
    Recommended headphone impedance: 
    8-300 ohms
    Frequency response: 
    20Hz ~ 40kHz
    0.004% ( A-Weighting, Output 1KHZ 485mV)
    Signal to Noise Ratio: 
    118dB ( A-weighting )
    Ground noise :
    < 3.2 uV (HIGH GAIN) ( A-weighting )
    <1.5uV ( LOW GAIN ) ( A-weighting )
    Dynamic Range:
    Hi-Res support: 
    up to 384kHz / 32bit, DSD64 &amp; DSD128

    Shanling Q1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Tao Z.

    Shanling Q1 Portable Hi-Fi Audio Player Music Player MP3 player

    Sammy W.
    So far so good for my first music player since the latest iPod classic

    So far, I like the Shanling Q1. The red one looks and feels nice with its glossiness. It's much smaller than my phone, which is refreshing. Music sounds great with my set up. The only things I do not like are the user interface and the playback control buttons. The UI often misreads my movements as gestures and does things I do not want to do. Playback control buttons are sensitive and can cause more mistakes. However, these are small issues since I got used to the UI over time and you can turn off the buttons' functions when the screen is off.

    Supplemental information. Here is where I am coming from with the Q1. I do not self-identify as an audiophile, but I also have a more technical set up than most people. Mobile set up involves streaming music from Tidal HiFi with Samsung Note 10+ and listening with Galaxy Buds or Sony 1000XM3. Non-mobile set up involves streaming music from Tidal HiFi or listening to FLAC or AIFF songs on a PC and listening with Sennheiser HD6XX headphones plugged into a NuForce uDAC-5 dac/amp. I bought the Q1 because I wanted to use my XM3s to listen to music on my PC. I also wanted one since I missed having a dedicated music player, like the last iPod classic from 2007. I ended up adding some AIFF songs to the Q1, I also got the Mee Audio M6 Pro iem's to go along with the Q1.

    Kevin P.
    Great DAP, great sound, great service!

    The Q1 has a wonderful retro feel, but with all of the advanced technologies that make the listening experience superb. The Shanling Q1 has great battery life and the UI is a joy to use. And the service from Musicteck was excellent as well.

    Stephen C.
    Great sound, interface software needs work

    For the money, you cannot beat the sound quality. I also have the M0 and agree with other reviews that the Q1 soundstage is broader and detail is greater, along with a slightly warmer, more analog sound. The display sometimes fails to respond to touches. So, the play/pause, previous/next track buttons get accidentally hit too easily. Overall, excellent. Worth 2x-3x or more of its low price

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