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    Cayin CS-30TCR Type-C to coaxial cable - MusicTeck

    Cayin CS-30TCR Type-C to coaxial cable (specially designed for Cayin DAPs for SPDIF digital out from usb-c port)

    $ 39.00

    • Type-C to RCA Coaxial Cable specially designed for Cayin DAPs
    • High performance low loss high bandwidth 75ohmn cable
    • Double Shield for interference free connection
    • 24K gold planted RCA connector

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Claud R.W.
    A Cord every DAP guy needs.

    I don’t know what you other guys do with your DAP, but sometimes I like to connect my DAP to my main headphone system to listen to my digital files. The DAP feeds these files to my Schiit Yiggy then into my DNA Stratus powering my Focal Utopia or Senn HD 800 S. It really great sounding. Better than my usual CDP player media.

    Ian M.O.
    Works perfectly, good length too (for me)

    I received this cable for my N6ii, and it works perfectly, without any issues. It feels well made, sturdy, and sounds great. If you need coax output from the N6ii, this satisfies that need with good quality sound.

    Wayne F.
    Cayin CS-30TCR type C coax cable.

    Works great on my N5-ii. Improved sound with better depth and soundstage. Very happy, recommended.

    Patrick H.
    White whale

    These are hard to find. Great cable.

    Mitch U.
    Awesome Cable.

    Connecting my Cayin N3pro to my home stereo amplifier couldn't be easier.

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