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UM Universal Mason V3 16 drivers - MusicTeck

UM Universal Mason V3

$ 2,699.00

The Mentor V3 and Mason V3 are 4-way, 5-bore design with 4 sound tubes and 1 bore designed for tuning module. The Module provides acoustic dampening, pressure attenuation, and real-time low frequency adjustment. Each bore is reinforced with a rigid metal tube to ensure structural stability and faithful sound reproduction. 

With a newly designed acrylic shell, the shell is not only sturdier and more comfortable than ever, but also features our beautiful, handcrafted "Dreamweaver" fiber design.

The brand new and unique "Dual-Tone" cable design also allows you to achieve two distinct sound signatures from the same cable - A pure copper sound or a pure silver sound gives you even more control and customization over the sound signature. 

  Mason V2 Mason V3
Driver Count 12 16
Frequency Response 20Hz -  20KHz 20Hz - 25KHz
Impedance 23Ω 24Ω
Sensitivity @1KHz 102dB @1KHz 104dB
THD 0.50% 0.30%
Driver Configuration 4 Low + 4 Midrange + 4 High 4 Low + 4 Lower Midrange + 4 Upper Midrange + 4 High
--- State of the Art Frequency Tuning Module
Socket Style 2 Pin Protruding 4 Pin Metal Socket with Securing Bolt
Cable Silver/Copper Hybrid 8 Core 6N High-Purity Single Crystal Copper and Silver "Dual-Tone" Cable


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