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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Aroma Audio Fei Wan

"FEI WAN" is the new flagship product and sub-brand of AROMA Audio, named after the founder's nickname "Fei Hun" which sounds similar.

It consists of 10 balanced armature drivers and 2 9.2mm dynamic drivers, with a unique patented technology called "Coaxial Strong Magnetic Phase Pair Double Dynamic Drivers Technology". This technology involves reversing the magnetic polarity and coil polarity of one of the dynamic drivers, resulting in improved sound density and dynamics.

The cable used is AROMA Audio's "Sparkle" with 0.78 2-pin connectors and 4.4mm plug, made of silver-plated oxygen-free copper. The 3D-printed housing is designed for stability and comfort, with a distinctive CM-style design.

The overall sound of "FEI WAN" is characterized by balanced frequency response, high sound separation, and good sound positioning, making it suitable for a wide range of music genres.

The shell is made by 3D printing and maintains a CM-like design. After years of ear shell experience, the shape and size of the shell have been fine-tuned to further improve the stability and comfort of wearing.

The overall sound orientation of "FEI WAN" is well-balanced in three frequencies. With years of experience in developing hybrid units, multiple moving iron and moving coil units will not affect each other's performance at all. The sound separation is high, and the extension of the human voice is high. Good sound positioning, whether it is popular music or large-scale music can be controlled.

"FEI WAN" a new step.


  • 12 drivers with 4-way crossover,
  • impedance of 18Ω at 1KHz,
  • sensitivity of 103dB SPL @ 100m V RMS,
  • noise isolation of 26dB (CM),
  • frequency response of 20-20KHz.

Aroma Audio Fei Wan - MusicTeckAroma Audio Fei Wan - MusicTeck

    Customer Reviews

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    Luther S.
    The End All Be All!

    I doubt I would need another IEM after hearing the Fei Wan. I listen to hip-hop, Jazz, R&B, Alternative, and electronic mostly and these near perfect IEMs perform in every genre with beautiful depth without sacrificing vocal clarity. If you have the money to spend and you have an ear for detail, then these are for you.