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Oriolus Traillii JP Black and Red (US Exclusive Version)

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Oriolus Traillii JP

Oriolus Traillii JP - MusicTeckOriolus Traillii JP - MusicTeck

New Generation Electrostatic In-Ear Earphones With 12 Drivers Each Channel.

The Traillii JP is the flagship in-ear earphone from Oriolus. It has a 3-way design equipped with 4 latest-gen Sonion electrostatic drivers and 8 balanced armature 3-way drivers.

With 10 years of tuning experience from leading Japanese manufacturers, the Traillii JP is designed to deliver invincible, superb sound quality and performance, regardless of material costs. Upon Oriolus’ uncompromised standard, the Traillii JP is characterized by the ultimate and balance performance in the treble, midrange, and bass, a smooth and natural voice, and extremely high resolution, with a wide sound field, high density, and rich detail as heard in over-ear headphones.


  • Mixed 12 driver each channel, including 4 latest-gen Sonion electrostatic drivers and 8 balanced armature drivers.
  • Customizable handcrafted cavity with German-made resin for panel personalization.
  • Equipped with customized cable tuned for the Traillii based on PW Audio 1960s.
  • Equipped with the Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced headphone jack from Japan.
  • Exclusive multifunctional earphone storage case and cable reel in collaboration with VanNuys (Japan).


Body Material: Photopolymer

Transducer Type (per CH):  Electrostatic Driver*4; BA Driver*8

Sensitivity: 112dB/mW

Freq. Response: 20Hz40kHz

Impedance: 21Ω

Cord: Pure Audio Grade Copper (PWaudio)

Plug Type: 4.4mm Balanced

Accessories :

Silicone Eartips (S M L 2-flange-M)
Foam Eartips (S M)
Protect Case (Vannuys)
Round Twintube (Vannuys)

Customize your Traillii by selecting a faceplate and shell from the options below. Please contact for questions or inquiries.

Note: A customized Traillii will take around an additional 1.5 to 2 months.

Oriolus Traillii JP Faceplate options - MusicTeck
traillii - musicteck


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anfernee Z.
Red and Black, Traillii's Last Chapter...

Oriolus has always been a brand I trust, their work is attractive and unique enough that you can't even find an IEM that can really beat it for female vocals. Due to the different general agents, besides Oriolus JP, Oriolus Jaben seems to have their own ideas, as we saw last year with the greenish-purple Traillii (imagine the red and black bird, but painted with a greenish-purple coat), and this year with the Traillii Ti. I don't want to start an argument, but just take the opportunity to spill my heart through the review. The Traillii is one of the few good products in the last few years that is impressive. I don't want to see it used purely as a profit-making tool, it doesn't sound right for titanium chambers, that's all.

Jerrold J.
The Gold!

I have more experience reading reviews than actually hearing the equipment; $$$’s! My inventory consisted of A&K: AK100ii, SP1000M, SR25; Chord mojo, Oppo HA, JDS Labs C5, C5D, LTA MZ3. Sennheiser ie800, ie800s, Etymotic ER4A, ER4SR, ER3XR, Meze Empyrean, and recently ie900. My expectations were exceeded, money well spent! As advertised, my A&K SP1000M paints a vivid and fun picture through the Traillii, opening multitudes of combinations to play with in the future (Took the leap, glad I did; joining AA: Audiophiles Anonymous lol!). MusicTeck is awesome in their inventory, delivery, and customer service. Thanks!

Carel F.C.
This bird really does sing

Right off the bat, the black and translucent red coloring is beautiful - and yes: I'm glad I own it. The Trailli is incredibly musical and articulate. It placed me on a path of rediscovery. I love the spartan packaging, too; everything is understated. All it's about is the music. And that's the way it should be. I'm very happy. You will be too.


Absolutely top tier IEM, paired well with the P6 Pro for pop music.