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    AROMA Audio Jewel (Universal)

    Original price $ 5,130.00 - Original price $ 7,545.00
    Original price $ 7,545.00
    $ 5,130.00
    $ 5,130.00 - $ 6,630.00
    Current price $ 5,130.00

    AROMA Audio Jewel

    "AROMA-Jewel" is the crystallization of AROMA Audio's pursuit of the ultimate gorgeous sound. In addition, its voice matches the word "gorgeous". As a consequence, we name it "AROMA-Jewel", which is as gorgeous as a gem.

    It is characterized by magnificence and high penetration power. After a long period of research and development, it finally decided the configuration of 6 electrostatic drivers, 6 balanced Armature drivers and one 9.2mm dynamic driver. "AROMA-Jewel" has magnificent, penetrating sound and broad sound field. In addition, the characteristics of the three units are all brought into play to the extreme and combined.

    The electrostatic and moving coil units among the three units of "AROMA-Jewel" are independently developed by AROMA Audio because of AROMA Audio's endless pursuit of sound, bringing the best sound to users.

    The high-frequency and even ultra-high-frequency performance of multiple electrostatic units seems to be unlimited. Besides, the lines feel clear and bright. The 9.2mm moving coil unit brings excellent diving depth, dynamics and air sense at low frequency to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the overall sound. When the moving iron unit is used as a connecting role to connect the sound of the electrostatic unit and the moving coil unit, the performance of the moving iron unit in the intermediate frequency is also very clear and bright, coherent and natural, with dense sound density and a clear sense of hierarchy.


    13 unit 4 frequency division
    6 electrostatic units, 6 BA, 1 DD 9.2mm

    Headphone unit distribution:

    low frequency (1DD),
    medium and low frequency (4BA),
    medium and high frequency (2BA),
    ultra high frequency (6EST)

    4 tubes 3d printing production
    Impedance: 22Ω@1Khz
    Sensitivity: 103db SPL@1mW
    Sound insulation effect 26db(CM)
    Frequency response: 10-22khz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Best IEM to date

    Jewel has been my go to IEM, it just sounds great with almost any genre. The Jewel’s tonality took me for a bit of a surprise, my first thought was 6 EST with 6 BA’s and only 1 DD, that this was going to be a bright IEM. I found the Jewel to be very neutral with a touch of a bass bump. The EST’s provide a lot of air and details, but they are very well tuned and not forward or harsh but extremely well controlled. The BA’s for mids and upper bass are very neutral and natural sounding allowing for excellent details with exceptional separation between vocals and instruments. Everything even in very congested passages has its place. Vocals have a great tone and natural texture, nothing sounds thin or overly weighted or syrupy. The DD provides very nice deep bass going into sub categories. Bass is very natural and will be very present when the song calls for it but will not bleed into mids or deep make vocals. Bass does not go into bass head territory or extend past natural sounding. Sub bass can be felt by the nature of DD’s, mid bass it not very boosted but natural, detailed and clean sounding. Bass can be slow rolling or rapid depending on what the song calls for, which along with the felt air movement/vibration is the big advantage to the DD for bass over BA’s.

    IEM so smooth and never harsh with romantic details.

    Boy this thing takes forever to sound right now. Only after 320+ hours of burn-in it starts to shine like no tomorrow. Razor sharp details retained while being extremely smooth and natural. I have yet to find any songs sounding harsh on this IEM. Remarkable bass so tight and visceral on LP6 TI AE. Jewel brings best in LP6 TI AE and I am enjoying it very much!