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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

10 Reasons Why the Lotoo PAW S1 is a Truly Game-changing Technological Marvel

The all-new peerless PAW S1, which inherits the same prestigious DAP architecture from the Lotoo PAW Lineup, aims to raise the bar again in the field of Portable USB DACs. Much more than a rocket in your pocket, the PAW S1 is the revolutionary game-changer that will ignite your Multi-Media Entertainment experience like never before! 

Title: Beyond Comparison 

Known for its top-of-the-line DAPs, Lotoo decided to add a DAC-Amp to its PAW Line-up to satisfy the needs of ultra-portable audio lovers. It goes way beyond the conventional boundaries of the performance a DAC is expected to have. At a fraction of a cost of its prestigious DAP siblings, what Lotoo introduces to the market is a pocket powerhouse built upon the same DNA as the rest of the PAW family line. The PAW S1 uses the same architecture Lotoo employs in its DAPs (namely PAW Gold Touch and PAW6000), so you can consider it to be an ultra-small DAP without storage. 

Why isn’t the PAW S1 just another USB DAC? 

Here are 10 reasons why the PAW S1 is a truly game-changing technological marvel: 

  1. High-Performance and High DAC Chip Utilization 

First and foremost, how do we define the DAC-amp as ‘high performance’? 

It’s the same for the THD+N of the PAW S1, which, at -108dB (0.0004%), again makes it the winner over most expensive DAPs in the market and easily outperforms most USB dongle DACs. Once more, this is close to the datasheet value of the DAC chip which is -109 dB. 

If we take a closer look at the audio specs, the background noise for the S1 measures just - 118dBu, a performance superior to that of most high-priced DAPs. It’s even close to the datasheet value of the DAC chip which is -126.8dBu. 

Lotoo’s engineering team strives to extract every bit of the DAC chip’s capacity leaving nothing wasted, in order to ensure the highest possible performance from the class-leading hardware we use. 

  1. Standalone Headphone Amp 

What is this function for? 

The output power of an amp-embedded dongle DAC is good enough to drive IEMs, but if used for headphones extra power is usually required. Currently available dongle DACs cannot afford to invest in a built-in amp due to cost and power restrictions. 

The PAW S1 boasts a standalone amp chip (OPA1622) that provides higher power and for better performance. 

  1. The 4.4 Balanced & 3.5 Single-Ended Dual Outputs 

Why go for this design? 

We have taken the innovative step of implementing a 4.4 & 3.5mm dual-output design, which is the first to be seen in a dongle-style USB DAC; a bold move to upgrade the DAC and raise the bar for the whole market. We use the Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced connector, which yields better separation and a grander soundstage. It has achieved widespread popularity in the market. Therefore, Lotoo has decided to add the 4.4mm socket to create a 3.5-4.4 dual-output design to make this portable DAC really stand out head and shoulders above the rest. 

  1. 120mW@32Ω 

What does this technical attribute mean? 

120mW@32Ω (per channel) is what makes the S1 a great companion even for over-the-ear headphones as well as IEMs. 120mW works great for headphones with 32-ohm impedance. 

To drive IEMs, it is sufficient to have only 5mW and so the S1 has abundant power to spare. 

  1. Multiple OS Supported 

How does the PAW S1 compare and contrast competitors’ offerings? 

Like most competitor products in the market, S1 does not require any drivers to be installed. 

It supports plug and play on PC and Mac without any hassle. However, not all products in the market can support iOS (or both iOS and Android) due to the fact that iOS is more demanding in terms of power and compatibility. It is rare to find a dongle-sized DAC like the PAW S1 that supports not only multiple OS but also both Android and iOS. 

  1. Built-In EQ/ATE 

The studio quality EQ/ATE, unique to the Lotoo PAW Lineup, is also available on the PAW S1. 

This is a feature that has garnered a great deal of critical acclaim in our top of the line DAPs, and Lotoo is excited to be including this much sought-after feature into the S1. 

  1. Gain Control 

Lotoo provides a high/low gain control in the PAW S1 primarily with a safer listening experience in mind. Also, this feature helps to accommodate a wider range of headphones and IEMs. 

  1. Pure Black Background 

When listening to your music, every note will stand out like diamonds against black velvet and the silences in and between songs will be profound due to the ultra-low noise floor of the PAW S1. 

  1. LCD Screen 

The display screen allows more information to be conveyed, along with easier, smoother and more intuitive operation. 

  1. The Build and Ergonomics 

Employing the same high standards of craftsmanship used in creating the PAW DAPs, the Aluminum Alloy Body of the PAW S1 also utilises the same CNC machining technology to produce the body of the S1 from a single solid alloy block!